Re-evaluating my goals.

My plan to speak at pendulum summit got derailed, for the past few months.

I set an audacious goal, and didn’t really know what I was getting myself in for.


Just like all goals, plan A didn’t work also plan b, c,d, and e. But now finally after trailing and fail-learning and a bit of de-motivation, I am getting the picture back of what I wanted 9 months ago.

I can see myself speaking on stage and the energy in the place being off the charts. I know the type of energy I want, because I’ve was a DJ, and I know when a place is electric. 3 or 4 thousand people, with a real drive, to be the best that they can be. Just even saying this pumps me up.


I got derailed like every one, my goal was going to take a lot more effort than I thought. But that is the mark of a real goal. Something that will grow you. I had all the pieces but had no idea how long and how to put them together.

My naive assumption at the start of the year was, I’d put out a bunch of videos and get traction, and that was it. Haha. So funny now. Totally delusional. But again that is the mark of a true goal.

So, I’ve melted my own head over, and over, just like every entrepreneur, and it didn’t seem as much fun, as it originally did. It started feeling like it was going to be a lot of hard work.

Hard work

My plan originally was to do a bit of online marketing, and get a job with Pendulum Summit doing marketing, network with all the top people, and develop an opportunity that way.

What has come about, is I’ve had to start a media company, to build my own brand, which still doesn’t exist. So I’ve had to do a lot of study, and growing, than originally planned.

I started a meet up group,(The Epic Life Group) because I needed experience as an actual speaker. Yea that’s how delusional, this goal was. I fucking love it. Totally nuts.

Because I got disillusioned by the scale of things, my energy started to go, and I realized, I had a lot less time, than I originally thought. I was aiming to have all my stuff together at the end of the year, and I’d get a place to speak. But thanks to DJ and Journalist, Mark Kavanagh, I realized I had a lot less time. I actually had to get my shit together months in advance, because that is when they would finalize the lineup. Yea as I said I was delusional. Haha


So through setting up the Meet-up group, that became much more interesting, and of much more value, than speaking at pendulum summit. I was getting in a small way, what I was aiming for in speaking at Pendulum.

Goo enemy.png

I said to myself, sure if I just build this group to thousands of people, I wont need pendulum.

So I carried on with that vision for a few months and had to think about growing the group, so I started reading lots of books, and marketing stuff, primarily @garyvee and today I realized, that I was struggling with my marketing message.

I realized that I had no direction, for what I was doing, I lost my north star. My vision had evaporated.

I was reading this stuff to grow the group, but to what end. It was vague and mushy.

Lost vision

Over the past few months, I had felt this vagueness, but I had no idea what it was. I went from being proactive, to just reading stuff that seemed like being productive, but it wasn’t leading anywhere.

I am reminded again, and again, that we have to have a north star, a destination, a goal because, that puts what we are doing, now, in context, and gives what we are doing, now, purpose.


I was proactively lost.

I can even see it in the epic life group, I had lost that drive to grow, by being vague, and the group, I feel,could feel that too. Every bit of content I was putting out was great, but it lacked that bit of drive, and conviction, that direction. What we are all doing this for. We want epic lives, that is why, we are here, and that energy, was faltering.


I understand on a whole new level, the purpose of goals, so much more now. Goals are not to be attained, but they are there as tools to help you grow.

The goal itself is irrelevant, the journey is the most important thing. It is who you become as a result of your journey, that is most important. But! the goal gives you direction.

This goal has gone from being something fun, to something much more serious, it is now become a mark of my growth, as a man, a person, as a person who can make a difference, to his own life, and as a result the people around him.

The goal has gone from being a selfish one, to one that I hope will empower others.

Get over myself

I know now, that I am mad late, on speaking at pendulum, but miracles happen every day.

I am re-energized, and clear again on what I want to do, and why. We all go through these processes. If you are to take one thing away from this, is just keep going, keep moving forward, and things will become clear eventually.

Clear Vision Clear Reults

If  I had have stopped, I would not have a second chance now, and I gave myself that second chance.

Second chances

My energy and clarity is back.

I see myself in the Dublin Exhibition Center speaking to 3 thousand people, and bringing them on a journey that empowers the fuck out of them. I see the place going nuts, for themselves, because they will see how far, they have come, through my story.


If I can be so delusional, and keep going, so can anyone. I can tell you now, I am 100% a better person for all the effort I have put in. Win, loose, or draw I have grown, and that is the real purpose of goals.

Feel awesome2

I can not go back to who I was, and one way or another, I am going to have better things because of this.

I look forward to meeting you on our Epic Journey’s


Simple questions to change your life.

Anthony Robbins is often heard stating “if you want a better result, ask a better question”.

Our lives are driven by questions. Driven is the important word there. If we frieddon’t ask questions, how can we get what we want?

Often we hear ourselves asking “what do I want” but this is often met with a shrug and a “I dunno”.

So let us look at this another way because “what do I want?” is too vague and it’s also looking for one thing. I want lots of things, so the question instantly causes confusion.

How about asking what “would I like”? It has a much more playful feeling, and isn’t that the feeling you want out of life.

What would happen if you made a huge list of all the things you’d like in your life.

  1. A cool house / apartment
  2. A sweet car (Range Rover for me please)
  3. A cool relationship.
  4. Great friends.
  5. So on and so on.

Now that you have a huge list, the bigger the better, (because we are here to live life to the fullest). Let’s ask another question… what do i want first? Then another question… what do i want to do to make that happen? And the most important question what do I have to improve, in me,images to make that happen?

As you can see by improving the question you get a better result.

How are you going to have more fun today?

What do you want more? To stay in bed another hour or to have an epic life.

I look forward to reading your questions.

Thank you.

The only thing between you and success are the words you use.

WordsImagine we started using more effective language regarding processing our problems. Instead of saying “I have no money” we said something like “how can I get more money”.

How do those two statements feel to you? “I have no money” is true but it has no way out. No way of letting your imagination (energy) flow, to get you to your solution.

How does saying “How can I get more money” feel? It instantly assumes there is a path (flow of energy) towards what you want.

What happens when you use even more effective words? “What ways can I get more money”?spiritualpaths

How does the third version feel to you?

What other words can you use to get you to where you want to go?

I want more money

As we said in the previous posts it is our purpose to go for what makes us happy and what makes us happy is going for what we want.

Dollars funnel.

We looked at how to start defining what you want.

BUT!!! Most people are blinded by one thing, MONEY!!!

We all want more money, but why do we want it? it’s just a piece of paper… right?

Actually people never want more money; they want the security it brings, the things it brings, or the freedom it represents. I definitely want money for these reasons.

However money in and of its self does not bring happiness. So many people think it does. But it’s what you do with money that is the real fun, going on jet skis, meeting up with friends, going to clubs and buying new cars.

But what we do for money often isn’t as much fun. So if we look at our experiences working for money rarely gets us what we really want and to be honest working harder at what we are doing isn’t really attractive enough to warrant the extra money it will bring. So we get caught in this trap of wanting money and not wanting to do our job (Just Over Broke)

I’m sure you have had this thought, I have many times, when I get a bit more money, I will have the money to think about what I want. Can you see how you will never get what you want by thinking this? On one hand your trapped by not wanting to work more because you do not enjoy your job and on the other hand you are not allowing your self to think about fun stuff because you have no money. Loose loose.

What can we do differently?

Be A Fun Mum

First and foremost we have to stop looking at money as the thing we want, it blinds us to what we really want.

When you decide what you want, like a car, a house or more holidays, money then follows automatically. Its mad but I’ll prove it.

By wanting a house you may notice an opportunity to win one or build one or some opportunity that I cannot even imagine, but you start seeing opportunities.

The money follows automatically because you have set a target a reason to work harder or think differently, you start to generate ideas, it gets your imagination fired up and as a result your enthusiasm grows, you start to have a reason to work, it makes your job a bit more enjoyable. It’s mad but it’s true. I’m sure you have done this many a time, when you decided to go on holidays. oh I need a bit more spending money? I definitely have.

So the desire for the thing automatically creates more money in your life, because you are more enthusiastic about life.


What if you decided to think outside the box and ask a different question altogether. What if you wanted a job that was fun? That also made you money? What if you decided, I want a job that was fun that was rewarding, would you automatically turn up on time and be a great employee, would you get a raise for being such a good employee?

Money is just a tool to get what you want. Money follows what you want to do in life; it follows your enthusiasm, never ever the other way around.

Try it now ask yourself some questions and brain storm ideas. What sorts of jobs are there out there that are fun? What do I enjoy already? The more of these sorts of questions we ask the better the answers we will get.

There are people making lots of money doing crazy stuff, from wood work to selling stuff for, to life coaches and playing guitar. You can make lots of money doing anything. I know people who love ironing and make extra cash ironing. (nut-cases) I’d sooner coach someone, but we are all different.

So How much fun and enthusiasm do you want in your life?   having-fun-25 

Look at this cop.

These are the facts about money it is only a tool, like a hammer. You use a hammer to hammer in nails when you’re building a house, you use money to pay someone to hammer in those same nails if you don’t have those skills. It is neither good or bad it is just a tool. You can use it to kill someone, just like a hammer, or you can use it to build a shelter, to save some one.

This is the human bit though. We tie money to survival, because we do need it to live. But this is where money starts getting tied to our beliefs. Money represents how we value our selves. We have all been in a situation in work where we say I’m worth more than this boring job, paying me next to nothing, for all the work I’m doing. But then we say, I’m no good at anything else, so I won’t get money, or a good paying job elsewhere. Generally this sort of statement is made because people don’t believe in themselves, which is a representation of their self worth. Basically I’m not good enough. So the less you are paid the less you value your self (as long as you are not enjoying your job, if you do enjoy it your getting paid in enjoyment)

Tomorrow how to build self belief and self worth.

What to do with my life? blog challenge day 2

The question to today’s blog challenge is simple, but also one of the hardest things to answer for everyone. If I woke up tomorrow and could do anything I wanted what would I do and who would I be.

This is a bit of a top tip, for you, to join in as well. Pick someone you admire and ask yourself the question what would I do if I was them.

This is the quickest way to get around your own limitations and fantasise without any restrictions.

The people I most admire are Richard Branson and Rob Drydek. I admire both of them for pretty much the same reasons, but each of them execute their values in different ways.AUSTRALIA-MALAYSIA-BRITAIN-AIRASIA-AUTO-PRIX-BRANSON

Both of them live with enthusiasm, one is quiet and one is out spoken. You can figure out who’s who easily enough.123-1024x550

So back to my fantasy, if I was Richard Branson, I would be investing in people, I’d be educating them to feel powerful and to live without limitations. All our limitations are self inflicted and by being Richard Branson I’d be able to communicate that to a broad audience, hopefully making as many people in the world feel as powerful as possible.

I’d start developing schools that empowered children and adults to think effectively and become responsible for their own lives. Current schooling tells kids to sit down and we will tell you what you have to learn. Where as effective learning and life teach you to learn what you have to learn as you go along, on your way to your goals, all other information is irrelevant for now.

Imagine if you where taught all your life how to go for your own happiness, not told a bunch of English poems that you will never ever use.

Also I’d like to invest in environmentally beneficial companies to start cleaning up the environment.

I’d really like to live the most epic adventure ever. Buy a bus and go travel the world and do all the craziest stuff possible. I feel by doing this and sharing it, people will be attracted to it and by proxy learn some cool stuff.

Actually now that I’m saying this stuff out loud, so to speak, I’m kind of starting the empowerment thing already. Maybe I just need to start making this pay hmmmmmm?one_billion_dollars1

Anyway I’ve come to realise that a lot of what is stopping me is purely self doubt, so bit by bit I’m learning and bit by bit I’m growing, eventually I’ll be an unstoppable force on this planet and sharing some epic adventures of my own.

Essentially I want to be a person without limits who can be a positive impact on this planet.

As to what I’m going to do to bridge the gap between me and my billions, I have no idea. But I’ll figure that out and it will be fun.

What would you do if you had 120,000,000 dollars.

What do you want? What do you want to do with your life?

These are probably the hardest question’s to answer. Once you get past all the materialistic stuff like TV’s car’s and more money etc. what do you want to do with your life that is going to give it some meaning. 

Everybody wants more money, but does that motivate you to get more money. More often than not it doesn’t, because you will have to work harder at a job you don’t like. Or unless you want more money out of fear, then you will never have enough and never be happy.

I want you to have every thing you want and be happy, with no guilt or fear. I want you to be passionate about what you are doing every day and not wanting for more. What I want to achieve with this post is to bore down and get to the point where you know what you want to do with your life and you are enthusiastic about the outcome.

What would you do if your dreams where fulfilled?

Imagine you won the lottery; It was one hundred and twenty million euro. You scream and shout you dance about. You’re finally financially free. You are taken care of for the rest of your life. What do you do now? There is no reason to work another day in your life.

You start to think to yourself now what am I going to do. You start making up a list of places to go. You book your flights and away you go first class. The party is on. Yahoo! This is the greatest feeling in the world. One by one you hit all your travelling destinations. You have the best of every thing in the world; you have the house, the car the lifestyle. But bit by bit this becomes boring and normal. You have done it all, you’ve bought it all and you have tried it all. What do you do now that you’re getting bored? Money can’t buy you out of this. Its money that brought you to this place. You’re slowly getting depressed.

So now the buzz of money has worn off. What do you want to do with your life? You can do anything, but what? I’m guessing you’re like me and been so caught up in trying to survive that you have only focused on the relief that having money would bring.

This post is a bit depressing and it’s designed to be. It’s designed to get you to think about what you would really like to do. Who would you help, what difference would you make in the world? What meaning is your life going to have?

I have found that by doing this exercise, the things that are of real value to people in their lives, is not having the big houses. It’s actually helping other people or contributing to the community or teaching people new stuff. When we help people, we feel appreciated, we feel valued and we feel that we have made a difference to that person’s life.

What if your job gave you this feeling? What if you felt like you where making a difference. How would you feel now? Because these feelings are free and you can get them any time you want.

So the big question now is. What would you do if you had 120,000,000 euro and you where bored. How would you spend your money to make a difference? Because this is what you really want to do with your life.

I would love to hear from you, so pleas post replies and I’m sure your contribution will definitely generate and help others to imagine an amazing future. Who knows you may even meet a millionaire who loves your idea.