Re-evaluating my goals.

My plan to speak at pendulum summit got derailed, for the past few months.

I set an audacious goal, and didn’t really know what I was getting myself in for.


Just like all goals, plan A didn’t work also plan b, c,d, and e. But now finally after trailing and fail-learning and a bit of de-motivation, I am getting the picture back of what I wanted 9 months ago.

I can see myself speaking on stage and the energy in the place being off the charts. I know the type of energy I want, because I’ve was a DJ, and I know when a place is electric. 3 or 4 thousand people, with a real drive, to be the best that they can be. Just even saying this pumps me up.


I got derailed like every one, my goal was going to take a lot more effort than I thought. But that is the mark of a real goal. Something that will grow you. I had all the pieces but had no idea how long and how to put them together.

My naive assumption at the start of the year was, I’d put out a bunch of videos and get traction, and that was it. Haha. So funny now. Totally delusional. But again that is the mark of a true goal.

So, I’ve melted my own head over, and over, just like every entrepreneur, and it didn’t seem as much fun, as it originally did. It started feeling like it was going to be a lot of hard work.

Hard work

My plan originally was to do a bit of online marketing, and get a job with Pendulum Summit doing marketing, network with all the top people, and develop an opportunity that way.

What has come about, is I’ve had to start a media company, to build my own brand, which still doesn’t exist. So I’ve had to do a lot of study, and growing, than originally planned.

I started a meet up group,(The Epic Life Group) because I needed experience as an actual speaker. Yea that’s how delusional, this goal was. I fucking love it. Totally nuts.

Because I got disillusioned by the scale of things, my energy started to go, and I realized, I had a lot less time, than I originally thought. I was aiming to have all my stuff together at the end of the year, and I’d get a place to speak. But thanks to DJ and Journalist, Mark Kavanagh, I realized I had a lot less time. I actually had to get my shit together months in advance, because that is when they would finalize the lineup. Yea as I said I was delusional. Haha


So through setting up the Meet-up group, that became much more interesting, and of much more value, than speaking at pendulum summit. I was getting in a small way, what I was aiming for in speaking at Pendulum.

Goo enemy.png

I said to myself, sure if I just build this group to thousands of people, I wont need pendulum.

So I carried on with that vision for a few months and had to think about growing the group, so I started reading lots of books, and marketing stuff, primarily @garyvee and today I realized, that I was struggling with my marketing message.

I realized that I had no direction, for what I was doing, I lost my north star. My vision had evaporated.

I was reading this stuff to grow the group, but to what end. It was vague and mushy.

Lost vision

Over the past few months, I had felt this vagueness, but I had no idea what it was. I went from being proactive, to just reading stuff that seemed like being productive, but it wasn’t leading anywhere.

I am reminded again, and again, that we have to have a north star, a destination, a goal because, that puts what we are doing, now, in context, and gives what we are doing, now, purpose.


I was proactively lost.

I can even see it in the epic life group, I had lost that drive to grow, by being vague, and the group, I feel,could feel that too. Every bit of content I was putting out was great, but it lacked that bit of drive, and conviction, that direction. What we are all doing this for. We want epic lives, that is why, we are here, and that energy, was faltering.


I understand on a whole new level, the purpose of goals, so much more now. Goals are not to be attained, but they are there as tools to help you grow.

The goal itself is irrelevant, the journey is the most important thing. It is who you become as a result of your journey, that is most important. But! the goal gives you direction.

This goal has gone from being something fun, to something much more serious, it is now become a mark of my growth, as a man, a person, as a person who can make a difference, to his own life, and as a result the people around him.

The goal has gone from being a selfish one, to one that I hope will empower others.

Get over myself

I know now, that I am mad late, on speaking at pendulum, but miracles happen every day.

I am re-energized, and clear again on what I want to do, and why. We all go through these processes. If you are to take one thing away from this, is just keep going, keep moving forward, and things will become clear eventually.

Clear Vision Clear Reults

If  I had have stopped, I would not have a second chance now, and I gave myself that second chance.

Second chances

My energy and clarity is back.

I see myself in the Dublin Exhibition Center speaking to 3 thousand people, and bringing them on a journey that empowers the fuck out of them. I see the place going nuts, for themselves, because they will see how far, they have come, through my story.


If I can be so delusional, and keep going, so can anyone. I can tell you now, I am 100% a better person for all the effort I have put in. Win, loose, or draw I have grown, and that is the real purpose of goals.

Feel awesome2

I can not go back to who I was, and one way or another, I am going to have better things because of this.

I look forward to meeting you on our Epic Journey’s


The most important thing, you could ever do!

Setting your mentality for the day.

Imagine waking up, and the first thing you notice, is how tired you still feel. Like that 8 hours of sleep, has just been a waste of time. You have just fucked up your sleep and you already feel like a looser.

In bed tired.

I have done this way too much. Starting off my days in completely the most dis-empowering way possible.

I’m sure you have heard, what I am about to say already, and it’s probably made sense to you.

What I want to ask you, is why haven’t you done it? I want you to ask yourself, why you haven’t done it?


I don’t feel like it, it’s too hard when I’m tired, I don’t think of it. whatever your complaints are I’ve used them. I have gotten into looser mode first thing.

What it boiled down to for me is, I didn’t put me, as high enough priority in my life. I was a whinger and a moaner.


I was going with the flow, wake up, and see what happens. No direction.

I knew all the right stuff, but wasn’t doing it, because, I just didn’t feel like it.


I’d try it for a bit, and then let just let old ways win out.

Now, I want you to imagine, what it would be like, to feel awesome every day, grateful every day, and excited to see what happens?

All good things are the opposite side of effort. Even in the smallest way. You have to get up off your bum, to get an ice-cream from the fridge.

This is so important I’ll say it twice, “all good things are the opposite side of effort”.

So how can you expect to have a good day, if you don’t put any effort into it?

Hope is the most destructive thing, on this planet!

Hope gets you nothing! Effort gets you something!

What would happen if you put energy into your day? If you said, thank you, for a bed to lye, thank you, for the house that keeps me out of the wind. Be grateful for what ever you want.

Feel Awesome

Then you start creating how you want your day to go. I am going to meet this person and have an awesome time no matter what. We are going to have fun. I’m going to enjoy the drive to work today. What ever you want, you can choose how you want to feel about it.

Feel awesome2

Imagine taking charge of yourself and your day!! How awesome would that be? I can I willImagine putting effort into how much fun your life is going to be, just because you decided to?

Take 1 minute now and do this. Say with a smile on your face, feel silly and put real energy into it. I feel fantastic, I feel fantastic, I feel fantastic, the rest of today is going to be awesome! just pay attention to how you feel, now?
Drive that energy now, this is literally the most important thing, you could do for your, whole life,    Feel_Awesome-606x230 right now. Take full charge, and have an awesome day! Choose to feel better, choose to have fun, choose to feel awesome, now! you are in charge!

It’s your choice!

A Little more about me.

I’ve been farting about with this blog for years now, and it’s time to make something of it.getting nowhere

I’m not a writer, and I’m not an internet marketer, hence being so slow at posting and promoting my blog.

I asked myself one simple question. What one skill could I develop that would give me the greatest impact on this planet, and you guessed it Blogging was the answer. Ah shit.

I’ve had a mad life, to put it mildly. Mad in a bad way, and the awesome way. Now it’s time for me to put what I’ve learned into practice, and start living the life of my dreams.

But like everyone on this planet I’ve got some challenges, and this is what I want to share with you. I’ve read all the books and gone to all the seminars but still there is something holding me back.

i was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 26 (ADHD does not exist, poor focus does) so that puts into perspective how good i was at school, i failed everything and school failed me. I had Little or no self-belief, no self-worth, and most of all no skills to start figuring my way out of this.

held_back_by_h_nguyenSo over the past 10 years I’ve studdied and learned, about how the mind works, but still something was still holding me back. No matter how hard I tried, I could not move forward with my life. I could learn, but not take action on what was going to move me forward. I was stuck!

Through years of pushing ahead and getting nowhere, I started to get sick, I was Chronic fatigueburning out, so much so, I was laid up in bed for nearly two years, with chronic fatigue and was most definitely depressed as a result.

All that started me looking further and further afield into more alternative solutions to my issues. i started to ask better questions. i went from asking why was i sick to how can i improve.

living an epic lifeThis is where my life started to pull back together. Once you realize that everything is energy, your thoughts, your words, your electrical impulses that make you move, your brain waves, then you can really start healing and improving.

i started to realize that there are many levels to personal development, but two main ones. Your mind set and the energy in your environment, (internally and externally).

You can be the most positive person in the world, but if you’re around a bunch of depressed people, they will drag you down. Maybe not a lot, but one way or another your environment dictates, the majority of what your life is going to be like.

As I got more and more into the energy side of personal development, the more I was able to take action on what was actually holding me back. I realized that certain things have pulls on your mentality. A simple example would be the Social Welfare, because they give you 200 euro for nothing, it makes it hard to do a job for 300 Breaking limitationseuro, because you will have to work 40 hours for only a 100 euro increase. Also because you only have 200 euro it is very hard to dream about what you want next, because your limited by how much you can invest in your life. A cheap course at 50 euro is a huge chunk of your money. Where as someone who is on 500 euro a week its only 10% of your weekly wages. So being on the dole limits your mentality and as a result your energy and then you get depressed. You have to change your whole environment to start to feel good again. It is a real uphill struggle. but once you can see the energies in your life that are holding you back then you can take charge and do something about it.

As you can see our personal growth can be hindered by not only ourselves, but the environment we live in. This is a much broader spectrum than most of us realize.

What I’ve been doing for myself over the past 10 years is learning all this stuff and bit by bit putting it into practice. I’ve broken most of the things that have been holding me back and now its all about living an epic life.

The life I want to live is one of endless enthusiasm. I realize that I will have my ups Bungee jumpand downs, but through it all I’ll be excited for the coming day.

So this blog will be about what I have learned, what I have done to change that, and what I’m doing to start living the life of my dreams.

The next post will be on how to build your vision.


The way the world works. Love yourself and your life.

success-perception-vs-realityOur perceptions rule the roost. But our perceptions are very flexible. There is no good or bad, just what is. One person in a car crash will say “it was the best thing that ever happened me, because it made me realize that life is short”, and you already know what the other person will say.

If you imagine a chair, what makes it a chair? What defines it as a chair? Is it the shape or what it’s made out of? If I asked you what it was? You could answer, it is wood or whatever it’s made out of, and you would 100% right, Or atoms or energy. But all these are just words that depict a story. The word chair creates a story which is “something you sit on” but what is it really. What if some art student has it in their house, it’s painted a different colour to all the rest of the chairs in the house, it has a lamp on it, and it’s beside their bed. What would it be then? What if they walked over and took the lamp off and sat down. The story of the chair would change from bedside table to chair to what ever next. So the story is completely flexible.

In reality that chair is not just a chair. It can be something to stand on, or to put things on. Its uses are infinite, but because of the word chair it becomes limited, the story constrains our imagination. What is a chair to a baby? Well up until its big enough, it’s something to hold on to so it can walk.

I now see everything in two layers one is what vocabulary-chair-coloring-page-printablethe chair really is (pure energy and imagination) and the other is the story we bestow on it. They are two completely separate things. One is in our heads and the other is out there in reality.

Imagine if we put a pen in a baby’s face, what that is to the baby? It does not know that it is a pen, it sees that pen and when we take it away that pen ceases to exist, it vanishes, because there is no word pen in the babies head no understanding. Then through conditioning us repeating the word pen over and over then the baby realizes that that shape is called a pen, it then keeps a picture of the pen in its mind and it starts to exist there, then the story grows as the baby grows, I can make marks with the pen, then the story grows again, there are two types of pens, pens and pencils. This is all inside the mind of the child if that story didn’t exist in the child’s mind, they would never know what that was, it would cease to exist in their reality.

abracadabra_by_mandapandar-d6hp85jWords crate our reality. Why is a chair a chair? Because we say it is, no other reason. So what does that mean for your reality? Can you rewrite it? What does that mean for you? are you your name? Are you your story? would different people have different perspectives (stories) on your life

AbracadabraIf words create your reality, what does that mean for language? Does your language create your reality? We have a part of our brain called the amygdala that filters reality for us based on our experiences and thoughts. What does that mean though, how is that practical?  I prefer to make this way simpler our amygdala filters reality based on our words.

No RedGreat coloursLet’s run an experiment. Say out loud a colour you don’t want to see, lets pick red, so say out loud, over and over, no red, no red, no red, what do you see? Of course you see red, when you were talking about what you didn’t want, did you see what you wanted? What would happen if you started saying a colour you did want what would happen?

Our words are like lenses if you say cat your amygdala filters reality for cats, and so on, but if you talk about what you do not want your filtering reality for that also.

So you get more of what you talk about!! That is huge, what do you talk mostly about?

Positive and negativePositive and negative language. Imagine saying “I must be more positive” “I must be more positive” “I must be more positive”! How does that statement feel to you? Does it feel positive or does it feel like your beating yourself over the head. The intention is positive, but the execution is not. How many times have we all had good intentions that have backfired on us? What is that person really saying when they are saying I must be more positive? What they are really saying is “I’m not positive” “I’m not positive”, “I’m not doing it right”, “I’m not good enough”. They are beating themselves up with words. How many times a day do we all do this?

i-think-i-like-who-i-am-becomingHow does this feel? I’m becoming more and more positive every day. It feels so much nicer and truer, because we are all learning and growing each day. That word, “must”, created a whole different feeling.

I’ve shifted from saying positive and negative because the terms are too abstract the real meaning of positive and negative is love and fear. If you Love-Greater-Than-Fear-mailer-frontlook at the term “must” Is a fear word it is imposed upon you by your teacher, boss, or torturer! You must do this or you will be punished, it diminishes your self-esteem, because it is imposed upon you, and you are not seen as equal.

i_like_who_i'm_becoming-771632 Whereas if you say the word “becoming” is an internal word a word that has growth to it, it sees you as completely capable, to be whatever you want. I am becoming an astronaut (I want to), rather than I must be an astronaut (I have to). So when we use the word becoming, we are building our self-esteem because we are in charge of our destiny. Becoming is a love word it is loving yourself.

There are many other fear based words should must have to don’t can’t and many other love based words. The remarkable thing is that all the fear based words are not true and diminish self-esteem whereas all love based words are true and build self-esteem.

Fear is the number one negative term but does it exist? If we look at the chair example again, when we use the word chair, that story limits our imagination, and gives us the impression that it is a solid and permanent thing. But in reality it is a constantly changing thing that is degrading and changing its use all the time. It is completely flexible. But the word and associated story is not flexible. It is a chair and it is for sitting on! End of story! The word fear gives us the same feeling that it is sold and exists. but can you point to fear can you touch it?

If fear is not real how come we feel it? If you go to the cinema to see a scary movie do you get scared? Why is that? We have an imagination and we can imagine ourselves in many different situations, but because our imagination is soo good we can also scare the pants off ourselves.

Worry-fearFear is a misuse of the imagination. It is an emotional response to an imaginary situation. a projection of ourselves in the future. So it is not real now.

Did you notice how the two terms felt? Fear, and emotional response to an imaginary situation. The word fear feels much more solid and real, like its immovable and it actually stops the flow of your imagination. I’ve got a fear. yes you do, boom done you’re screwed. Whereas if you use the term emotional response to an imaginary situation, it feels so much more flexible, it actually gives you the answer to the situation. Imagine something else. the more effective language allows your energy (emotions and imagination) to flow.

fear-is-not-real-its-a-product-of-thought-we-create-but-doI’m sure your head is starting to spin now, and your starting to ask about danger. Fear is imaginary, danger isn’t. But we have to look at this in an abstract way. If you are standing on the side of a busy road waiting to cross are you in danger? Sure you are but if you’ve done it enough you trust the situation will turn out ok. So you actually don’t think about it at all, and just deal with what is presented to you. So you’re in danger but not in fear. Could a hypnotist make you fearful in that situation would you be in any more danger?

If you imagine the same situation, but now with a 3 year old kid, who is a bit unpredictable, what do you do? You fear that the kid may run out so you take charge of the situation and hold the kids hand.

Lack-of-faith-quote-muhammad-aliI used two very important words there. Fear and trust / faith. When we feared that the kid “could” (imaginary) we did not trust him, but we trusted ourselves, when we took charge of the situation, by holding the kids hand. So what is fear really? Fear is really is lack of self-trust / belief.

This is huge! Imagine the sneaky word Fear had us looking at this external solid feeling thing. It had us looking in the wrong direction all the time. Now that we know its self-trust / belief what difference does that make?

What would happen if you focused on all the successes in your life? Even as little as crossing the road. Would you start to feel better about yourself? What would happen if you started to imagine, things going well for you, or even great, what would happen? would you be loving yourself then?

So many people struggle with loving themselves! Why is that? Would it be as simple as the language we use?

What would happen if we actually started speaking the truth about ourselves?

What do you mean the truth?

self-esteemIf you use fear based language it’s always in the future, don’t spill the water, I can’t do that, it always sees you or the other person as not capable. I expect you to spill the water so don’t, I expect I am not able to do that.

What would happen if we said the same things but using loving language? Put the glass on the table. It sees you as capable of getting the water to the table, make sure you get the water in your mouth. Or I can do that, but I really do not want to put the effort in. Each time you see yourself and the other person as completely capable of doing what ever, and it is 100% true.

The really mad thing is all negative fear based language, can be instantly negated. If someone says, I can’t go to the moon. You can instantly say if you had enough money you could. I can’t run a marathon, I’ve no legs! Do it in a wheel chair, invent some legs.

All positive loving statements are 100% true and can’t be argued with. I can run a marathon, but I couldn’t be arsed. I can get to the moon but it’s something that doesn’t interest me at this time. each time your telling the truth and not putting yourself down.

I love myselfSo how do you love yourself? Start talking about what you want, what you can do, and all the successes in your life. Even if it is just tying your shoe. you will be telling the truth.

If you talk about what you want, and what you can do? What will you notice more of in your life. Will your energy and enthusiasm improve? If you keep at that for long enough for it to be come your way of being, how will your life change.

From now on your either talking about what you don’t want, or what you do want, it is your choice! you can either love yourself by saying, i can, or i cant either way your literally creating your reality because your reality is the words you use.


What fear really is.




Fear is a tricky thing to deal with. But once examined it becomes nothing more than a thought that passes in the night.

What is fear? Fear as a term is too abstract, to intangible to be able to put anything Fear is the mind killersolid on it, to figure a way around. If you had a road block you figure out another direction. But with fear its nebulous thing that actually pops up in your way whichever way you turn.

The word fear makes us believe it’s a thing like a chair but it’s not. It is a made up word to represent the result of something not the actual cause. By looking at the result all the time you are blinded to the cause.

I now see fear on a spectrum. One end you see the word fear and on the other end you see the word trust.

Let’s take an example. People have a fear of flying, but what is that. How many people a year die from flying? fear-of-flyingNot many in the grand scheme of things. Where did that fear come from? Planes are only around the past 100 years. Did someone invent it? That sounds mad that someone would invent it, but the really mad thing is that it was invented. Somebody had to come up with a medical term for it. Aviophobia is the term. Who came up with that and who was the first person diagnosed with it what was it called before it was Aviophobia?

Why are people afraid of flying and not of cookers? More people each year die from cooker related stuff. The mad thing is people are often afraid of planes and have never been on one. Yet everyone has used a cooker, been burnt, not once but many times, and you are 100% guaranteed to get burnt again. So what’s the difference?

Why do you get scared when you go to the cinema and see a scary movie? You know walking in that it’s fake, it’s not real, but you get carried away and get scared anyway? Why is that? It’s because we have imaginations. We can imagine ourselves in that position and how we would feel if something was going wrong. Is that situation real? Why do we get a real response? Because in our minds reality and fantasy are no different.

So what is happening when people have a fear of flying? Are they simply just imagining themselves in a compromised position? Are they fantasizing about something going wrong?

Being-Awesome-takes-practiceHow would they feel if they started imagining everything being awesome? Would that start to make them feel good?

Either way they are playing a story in their head, that is dis-empowering them, or empowering them but it is just a story!

Just to be clear what is a story? A story is something that is made up or imaginary and can be changed at any time. If someone decided to do some hypnotism on a poor unfortunate victim would he be able to make that person afraid of cookers? How does he do that? How he does that is by implanting a story in that persons head that cookers are dangerous.

Where are fears? Fears are always in the future they may be seconds away but none the less they are in the future.

Dark alleySo what happens when we walk down a dark alley at night, and we start to get scared? What is happening there? Are we imagining a good future or a bad one, based on what evidence? All we have is a dark alley? And we heard that someone some time somewhere got mugged? But are you in danger? Or are you imagining it?

Hopefully you’re seeing a pattern now fears are imaginary and a story that we are telling ourselves.

So why are they so dis-empowering? Because we believe them! It’s really that simple.

So let’s flip the whole thing let’s stop looking at fears altogether, and start looking at people who are fearless.

Fear of heightsWe have all seen people who are not afraid of heights, why is that? Quite often they are people who have worked on ladders or done rock climbing or something to that effect? So why are they fearless? Is it because they are familiar with heights? To a large degree yes but that is still looking at the result not the cause. They know it’s dangerous yet they still do it. The fear doesn’t seem to exist?
Let’s go back to the alley. Would a person who has a black belt in some martial art, be as afraid as you or I, walking through that alley? Probably not. Why is that? Would you say this person has more confidence? What is confidence? Confidence is self-trust. That black belt trusts himself and his skills to keep him safe, so in that situation he actually won’t even think about any danger until something presented itself.

Like the people who are not afraid of heights they trust themselves they trust that Self Trustthey are going to be safe because experience tells them that. This is the true cause of fear. People do not trust themselves or life because of the stories they tell themselves.

It is the same with you, and a cooker. You have enough trust in yourself, that you will be ok. You may get burned, but you will deal with that when it happens. The danger is there but I trust myself that I will be able to deal with it when it arises. So there is no point in thinking about it now.

So what is fear really fear is really an external representation of your own lack of self-trust? So what’s the solution? Its simple learn to trust yourself look at all the times you have overcome some issue or another. How many dangerous roads have you crossed with no incident what so ever. Look at how much you have survived already. The evidence is overwhelming that you’re going to be alright. So why do I still feel fearful? Basically because the news fills you full of fear full stories and your friends tell you about how they do not trust themselves and fill us full of their fears. So you have to practice every time you feel bad, laugh and say gees I got caught up in that story. If you put your effort into all the things your already good at you will trust yourself more and more.

So what is the result of trust? Success isSelf trust is the first secret to success. the result of trust. Can you think of any wealthy happy or powerful person who doesn’t trust themselves? They all believe in themselves that is the only thing they do differently.

So go to places and do things that build your self-trust push your capabilities don’t face your fears don’t even bother with them. Tell yourself the story that you want and play it over and over. If you’re afraid of heights stand Visualize yourself being perfectly comfortable in that situation then go stand on high things until you completely trust yourself in those situations.I Love Me

Where is fear when you’re visualizing an empowering story? It simply doesn’t exist.

Would trusting yourself be loving yourself?

Routines to wins.

Consistent wins

Every successful entrepreneur has routines, these morning routines or rituals gear your brain up for the day a head and keep you focused on what is most important. some people meditate others do vision boards but every successful person has some sort of morning routine.

But routine is boring.

I’ve been struggling with morning routines for a long time now. I do them, but they are routine. They seem long and drawn out and boring. I have to do this sort of mentality, But they do get me in the right frame of mind and focused

Consistent wins
Daily wins.

This morning I flipped it around, I started calling them morning wins, because you are winning, you’re beating that voice in your head, that holds you back. What better way to start a day than by setting your standards and winning.

First win, is beating the snooze, get up before the first one goes off. Easy and motivating to get up. I say to myself over and over “I make it happen” Whatever it is Life, Fun, and Goals? If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

Second win, do my push-ups and sit-ups. This gets you pumped and awake (naturally).

Third win, Meditation clears my mind for the day ahead.

The most important thing is to celebrate them. Log them in your book and see the fruits of your wins, write down how you feel and how you are thinking.

So set daily wins,

Daily wins.

not routines.

What to do with my life? blog challenge day 2

The question to today’s blog challenge is simple, but also one of the hardest things to answer for everyone. If I woke up tomorrow and could do anything I wanted what would I do and who would I be.

This is a bit of a top tip, for you, to join in as well. Pick someone you admire and ask yourself the question what would I do if I was them.

This is the quickest way to get around your own limitations and fantasise without any restrictions.

The people I most admire are Richard Branson and Rob Drydek. I admire both of them for pretty much the same reasons, but each of them execute their values in different ways.AUSTRALIA-MALAYSIA-BRITAIN-AIRASIA-AUTO-PRIX-BRANSON

Both of them live with enthusiasm, one is quiet and one is out spoken. You can figure out who’s who easily enough.123-1024x550

So back to my fantasy, if I was Richard Branson, I would be investing in people, I’d be educating them to feel powerful and to live without limitations. All our limitations are self inflicted and by being Richard Branson I’d be able to communicate that to a broad audience, hopefully making as many people in the world feel as powerful as possible.

I’d start developing schools that empowered children and adults to think effectively and become responsible for their own lives. Current schooling tells kids to sit down and we will tell you what you have to learn. Where as effective learning and life teach you to learn what you have to learn as you go along, on your way to your goals, all other information is irrelevant for now.

Imagine if you where taught all your life how to go for your own happiness, not told a bunch of English poems that you will never ever use.

Also I’d like to invest in environmentally beneficial companies to start cleaning up the environment.

I’d really like to live the most epic adventure ever. Buy a bus and go travel the world and do all the craziest stuff possible. I feel by doing this and sharing it, people will be attracted to it and by proxy learn some cool stuff.

Actually now that I’m saying this stuff out loud, so to speak, I’m kind of starting the empowerment thing already. Maybe I just need to start making this pay hmmmmmm?one_billion_dollars1

Anyway I’ve come to realise that a lot of what is stopping me is purely self doubt, so bit by bit I’m learning and bit by bit I’m growing, eventually I’ll be an unstoppable force on this planet and sharing some epic adventures of my own.

Essentially I want to be a person without limits who can be a positive impact on this planet.

As to what I’m going to do to bridge the gap between me and my billions, I have no idea. But I’ll figure that out and it will be fun.

There are no such thing as facts!!!

This is a realisation I had this morning, it has been brewing for a long time but it finally came together.

It is a complex one and has a lot to it. But if you stick with it I guarantee it will blow your mind as it did mine.


There are a number of parts to this so each one is a biggie in understanding the world around us.

Here we go!!! There are no such things as facts? Boom! Told you it’s a biggie. That’s a fact! Well is it. What is a fact?

Fact: according to the dictionary: A thing that is indisputably the case.

Well let’s look at something we all are familiar with. A table is a table is a table, right. Or is it a chunk of wood or is it a bunch of atoms. What actually makes it a table instead of a bed? Well what makes it a table, instead of a bed, is the meaning we put on it. But that meaning is completely flexible depending on our mood. This morning it is a table, I put my glass on it, but now that I am completely dunk, it is going to be my bed. Ha ha. You see what I mean. To go a step further, to someone it might be a piece of art and to someone else it may symbolise something like freedom, freedom from their parents, having their own coffee table that they are allowed put their feet on.

Back to facts: according to the dictionaries definition of facts we need to find something that is indisputable and everything is disputable, because it is US! That are experiencing it, so there for it only has meaning in our heads / minds and that meaning is completely flexible.

You could argue that, that is only describing perception, our own individual experience of the table. It’s a table for other people too right?

That other person’s perception of that table is completely different also. If you asked that person to tell you how rough that table were, they would give you an answer based on how rough they thought it to be.

Imagine it yourself how rough is the surface in front of you. Are you feeling it with your hands or are you looking at it with your eyes? are you doing both now that I asked you the extra question. Have you ever thought of the surface in front of you before? Did how rough that surface was, ever enter into your mind before. Like most people, we have better things to do than go around feeling how rough stuff is, for no particular reason. So because we have never thought about it before, essentially that information has never existed in our mind. We just brought it into our individual realities.

The whole time did you notice how smooth it was? My guess is that you where so busy thinking about the roughness, that you completely missed the smoothness. Now feel for both. Has your initial estimation of the surface changed? I’m guessing it has, so now we are bringing stuff in to our realities and changing them.Rough table relaity

What if the other person was asked to feel the same surface in the exact same way? Would that person have the same experience? I’m sure you know the answer to this already. But this is the surprise it will actually be a completely different experience. If that person feels with his left hand or his right hand depending on which hand he / she uses it will be different. There are more nerve endings in your dominant hand, so depending on which hand you will get more or less feedback. Also the time has changed and the temperature too. Maybe even the temperature of your hand has made all the difference. Nuts right. Their world is completely different to your world.

That is the internal experiences of reality. I’m sure you are with me and realising now that there is no such thing as facts, because everything is an individual experience.

So what about external things? Surely there is a table in front of you that your computer is on. That table in front of you is changing all the time, every second of the day, every day of the year and so on and on. Everything is in flux everything is a liquid everything is energy.

Imagine putting down a glass on your table. The friction between the glass and the table rub a few atoms off the table. Imagine putting a glass down 1000 times in the same place. You won’t be long about wearing a hole in the table. If it is a wood table depending on how much humidity and heat in the room, your table gets bigger and smaller, absorbs more water and then less. If you give it long enough the table will wear into a stump of dust. So even the outside world is changing all the time that table is not the exact same table as it was yesterday. It’s missing a bit or it’s gained some stains. It is not the same so it is different it has changed.


If you give everything enough time it will change. That’s a fact! Is it? What is time? Again time is relative. Time is the passing of hands over a clock face, based off the earth going around the sun. Why is it not the moon? Just some one decide that it was going to be the sun so we all agreed and that is how we got the 24 hour clock. The French tried to make time metric it didn’t stick.

As Einstein explained in his theory of relativity that time, like experience, is relative. It is unique to the individual. The faster an object moves the slower time is and vice versa.  If I’m a jet fighter travelling at mad speeds, time goes slower for me than you.

So everything is unique to us, our experience of this world and also the time we are in. There are no facts only our individual interpretation of the world and that world is changing all the time.

Soooo what! I hear you say. That was a good thought experiment, but what does that mean for me.

Well if there is no such thing as facts, that calls into question everything we believe and I mean everything.

Think about this for a second…… this is big shit….. What if everything you believe is different to what you believe? Do you believe you are no good at something’s, how did you make that assumption, are you good at something’s, how did you make that assumption.

One day I was in the gym. The training I do is very difficult; when the gym instructors do their workouts, I do it with them. So you can imagine it’s quite intense. One day a young lad joined in and he was a bit over weight. When he compared himself to us he didn’t do too well, to be honest. He was feeling a bit down and embarrassed, as most of us would be, at our faults being shown up.  But that is not the full picture. If he compared himself a bit more effectively to suit his situation, he would have felt completely different. (Which he did in the end) I drew a different picture for him. I asked him how many people in Ireland actually go to the gym. He said I don’t know. I pointed out that probably 10% of the population go to the gym. I pointed out that if he looks at Ireland as a whole, he is in the top 10% of the fittest people in Ireland. That is a pretty cool accomplishment. Now to get into the top 9% of people I’d have to do twice as much work as I’m doing now ha ha. But it’s true.


In each moment we can have a positive outlook, or a negative one and this is always. We can interpret anything any way we want.

So what about all those past failures you and I have had. They are all bull shit now! If something is painful in your past, think about it for a bit and turn it in to a positive experience. What did you learn from it? We can literally turn everything into a success. Actually I learnt that by failing on day 13 of a 14 day fast. I now view that as a success, I’ve never pushed myself so far before it was a real success for me.

Things are only a success or a failure depending on how we compare it. If you say it’s a failure, it is, or maybe you’re just comparing yourself wrongly. Did you go further than you ever did before or did you try something that you never tried before? I’d say that is a success. But if you compare yourself to the person who has been doing it for years you’re bound to feel bad. Get your comparisons to work with you get your interpretations of reality to work with you. You create your reality you create your successes you are wholly in charge of how you perceive life.

Take charge and rewrite everything and be the master of your world.

Told you this was a biggie. Best of luck.

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Winning the game of fitness (and everything else to boot)

Winning the game of fitness (and everything else to boot)

I can promise you this: if you read this full post you will have a new way of looking at the world. But this post isn’t going to be easy for all to read. So ask yourself am I the type of person who lets a few words me? Or are you going to be victorious over this post?

How do you see yourself? I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m unfit, I’m lazy, I eat too much, I have no will power, I hate life, I hate work I can’t stand myself or I’m fun, I’m out going, I’m fit, I’m full of energy, I’m crazy, I love life, I have fun every day, I eat really healthily, I’m getting healthier and healthier?

Did any of the above statements make you feel anything? If not read them again, if they did, what did they make you feel? Did they make you feel bad, or did they make you feel good? I told you this post may be a challenge. But it’s well worth it.

Did you notice how just these few words have power over you. Just a few words can make you feel bad or good? But they are only words, why are they so powerful?

What words do you say to yourself on a day to day basis? Do they make you feel good or bad? Do you ever listen to yourself? Have a think…………? Do you listen to the news and say to yourself on a day to day basis that the country is fucked, or do you complain about things. Or do you actively say to yourself, I’m great, I’m going to have a great day no matter what?

Have you noticed at this point that words control your emotions? I’m assuming that you have been on a mini rollercoaster of an emotional ride with this post. Why is it that, just a few words make you feel bad or good?

We have established that, what we say to ourselves on a day to day basis makes us feel good or makes us feel bad. Give it a go. What do you say to yourself that makes you feel bad? Have you ever said I’m such an idiot for doing that? What do you say to yourself that makes you feel good? Have you ever said to yourself, gees that was great?

Listen to what you’re saying in your head now. Are you arguing with this post saying this is shit or are you agreeing with it? Have you noticed what you are thinking?

We all talk to our selves all the time, but the vast majority of people don’t notice the actual chatter that is going on. We have an internal dialogue that is going off all the time and it’s just words but those internal words control our outcomes on a day to day basis.

How do you control this chatter I hear you say? How can I take charge of my thoughts? How can I take charge of how I feel? How can I take charge of my life? And what the hell does this post have to do with fitness?

Have you noticed that I’ve been asking a lot of questions?

Have you noticed that I’ve been controlling your thoughts this whole post? Mu-ha ha ha.

Have you noticed that these questions are making you think and listen to what you are saying to yourself?

Are you putting 2 and 2 together now that what we ask ourselves is what controls our thoughts? And our thoughts control our feelings and our feelings control our day?

So ask yourself again what makes me feel bad. Do I moan a lot? What makes me feel good? Do I congratulate myself or other people when they do well?

Do you see how by asking those two different questions, your focus and your outcomes change? One leads to misery and the other leads to a brighter happier you.

So how does this apply to fitness? What questions do you ask yourself around being fit? Is it hard work out, or is it fun, or does it make you feel bad or is it and exciting challenge?

How do you make yourself feel? Do you say I’m too fat to go, or do you say I’m going to be fit and feel great.

How are you going to take charge of your thoughts and take charge of your life?

If you want to get fit what questions will you ask yourself to make you have a good time getting fit.

My one tip to you is that this takes practice. That practice isn’t easy or hard it’s just practice. The more you do it the easier it gets. So write a note to yourself, put it at the end of your bed or where you will see it in the morning and ask yourself. How good will I make myself feel today? How much fitter am I going to be today than I was yesterday?

How are going to become the champion of your day?