Letting go of EGO and Fear

At the Epic life Group.

We spoke about how believing in things, that are not real, causes criticism, and disempowerment. The things that are not real are EGO and Fear. They simply do not exist. Someone invented those words.


We have a story of who we think we are and we create stories of our future, that either empower us or disempower us. That is the truth.

We can either have a true story about ourselves, which is, i have over come everything in my life up to this point and I can achieve whatever I want in life. Or we can have a disempowering story of ourselves, which is I am not good enough, to do whatever I want.


Both of them are stories of who we think we are, but they are just stories and we can change them any time we want. Those stories are constantly changing and evolving. This is all true. EGO isn’t, ego is a judgment, that others put on us and we judge ourselves through the belief in it. But it does not exist and the belief in it causes so much disempowerment and judgement against this word that someone invented.


Where else do we judge ourselves with words that do not exist. We have all met people with confidence, but where did they get it? I have never seen any confidence ever. However I have met plenty of people who doubt themselves. So to the person who doubts themselves, the other person who is just being who they are, with out doubts, gets judged as having this thing that doesn’t exist, confidence.

Fear is always a story, that we imagine, what we don’t want. What may happen, not what will happen. It is always imaginary. So what it is really, is an emotional response, to an imaginary situation.


We don’t fear our cookers at home, yet all of us have burned our hands, and will do again. Why is that? Basically we are not playing a story of what might happen. So what happens when someone is afraid of flying? Have they ever hurt themselves on a plane? or are they just playing a very vivid story in their mind of what may happen not will?

What do you want to create because you are in charge of your story!

The whole point of this group is to get people talking about real stuff, looking at the truth, of who they are and then creating effective stories, that empower them.

The first night of the Malahide Epic Life Group


Last night was the first night of the Malahide Epic Life group.

We had a long chat about how the belief in things / labels like good, bad, positive, negative, anxiety, confidence, enlightenment and chair, don’t actually exist. They are just words and believing that they do exist, because other people use them, is actually what causes our problems.

If you imagine a chair in front of you and I ask you what is it really? you would say wood, or metal, or some thing to that effect. If you wanted to be really smart, you would say molecules and atoms, ultimately, energy.

So what is it really? I see it in two parts, it is a form, that we call chair and that word chair has a story attached to it, “a chair is something to sit on” so we operate out of the story. But what is it really? actually I don’t know and that is the two parts, 1 is a word, with a story and 2 is actually I don’t know.i-dont-know

That I don’t know is how a baby sees it. To a baby they do not have the word and the story attached to it, so they climb on it and use it as a something to hold on to, they have infinite use of it. It can be anything. But as soon as they learn, what that word is, they start being restricted by the story.

Like everything we have learned, those stories restrict us if we believe them, if we accept them as fact. Ultimately facts don’t exist, every-thing is just a word, or a story and that belief in those words, create our outcomes.

When we let go of the words / labels, we start seeing the world for what it really is, which is, every atom is infinite possibility, unlimited and ever changing.unlimited-potential-and-infinite-possibility-@-mohitdhaka.com_.jpg

If we call someone a good person, we are judging them. It is not a complement, it is not seeing them for who they really are. We have all been both bad and good, in life. The truth of the situation is, they are just a person.

Do you see how that word, even though well intentioned, is actually an insult, it is an external judgement, it is you saying I think you are good. It is not seeing the whole person.

So the belief that that word good exists, then creates judgement upon others. If that word did not exist, what would you say about other people? You would see them for who they are wholly. You would talk about what they are actually dong, in and of the moment. You would say “I like they way they care for their mother”. Which is real, and automatically a complement. So feel into how now, if I call you a good person, how does that feel? Is it real to you?it-doesnt-exist

There are so many words in the English language, that literally don’t exist and cause judgment based off this non existing thing.words

In the group once we started letting go of these words, We started to let go of judgment of ourselves. You could feel the releases of energy in the room and in the people. How would you feel if people stopped judging you and how would you feel if you stopped judging yourself? Then we started a meditation and a lot of spirits came in to start clearing the energy away.

It was a huge night for all.fun

Super excited to see what happens, as we start to really get going, because this was only the first night. Monster night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





This years audacious goal.

This year I’m going all out for personal freedom, I am becoming a global speaker, investor and this year I want to really push my boundaries again. I want to be fully global, managing everything from my laptop, in the sun all year round.2017

2016 has been the most amazing year ever and definitely one of my toughest. I set myself an audacious goal, of speaking at Pendulum Summit, Ireland’s premier speaking event. I didn’t quite get that, in fact I got something far more valuable. I got a huge education, that I could not have gotten anywhere else.

new-skilsI developed dormant skills and expanded my consciousness, far beyond what I could have imagined and I have a whopper imagination. I can feel what Is going on in people’s bodies and help them release energies, emotions and much more. I speak to angles, ancestors and help people align their family lines. Other stuff too, that I’ve no way of putting in words.

So it is fair to say, yes I didn’t hit my goal this year, but speaking at pendulum summit would not have even come remotely close, to the massive spiritual awakening I got. On top of that, I can always speak at pendulum next year, when they catch up to where I am now. Haha.

Its safe to say, I got derailed, I was doing heaps of courses and workshops and going through my own stuff, as a result so I literally couldn’t put the effort into that goal. But I gave it the best shot I could, at that time.

This year I’m still doing heaps of work, but nowhere near the level I was doing last year.
The biggest thing I have learned, is that we need to work with energies far more than is spoken about. We have all met drainers, people who suck the life out of everything, they don’t even have to say anything and we feel drained. That is because they are, literally, sucking the life out of you, your energy is your life!energy-lightning

There are energetic cords that either empower us or drain us. In a loving relationship they empower and in a needy relationship they drain.

Why do people go back to abusive partners again and again? Because there are energetic ties, that haven’t been cut and like an elastic band, they pull the people back together.


When we set goals, we attach our energy, to future events and when we complain about the pas,t we are giving energy to that.


We are energetic beings, and my biggest challenge of all, has been cutting myself free of these ties, so much so, I can now feel them in others, and help them clear them.

I’ll say this again my biggest challenge has been freeing myself from all these cords, so I can live my life on my terms and that is what this year is all about .

I want to set people free, so they can have epic lives, we all want the best out of life. We may not want to own a Rolls Royce, but it would be nice to have a ride in one for the experience, I want that choice!

I’ve spent so long learning, growing and letting go of all these things, that have held me back, that it is time to really live, now!

My goal this year is.

goal-setting-featureI want to be earning €10,000 a month by doing what I find most rewarding. That is working with Spirit, doing talks, blog posts, one on one coaching investing and ultimately living a global lifestyle.

I don’t really know how I’m going to get there, but I do know it’s possible, there just are, people who are earning a lot more than that a month. So all I have to do is figure out how to do that and a large dose of the law of attraction.

What I feel at the moment, is to grow my meetup groups, weekly meditations and work on growing them, by putting out my blog posts, I’ll be able to connect with more and more people every day.

I also feel that what would be most effective for my time would be to invest in learning social media and marketing for myself and that will enable me to help others, invest in their business down the line.

My focusing statement is “I have great fun earning 10,000 euro a month, from numerous opportunities that come my way, by helping people live epic lives.


We are running our groups Monday night in Malahide and Tuesday night in the Guinness enterprise center. https://www.meetup.com/Epic-Life-Group/

I look forward to meeting you for this years adventure.



Are you a genius?

Albert_Einstein_Head.jpgI used to love Einstein’s quote “everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life thinking it’s stupid”

However now I don’t see it that way at all.

I’ve been called genius a few times now in my life and I’ve never liked it. Because I’m not, no one is, it was a well-intentioned statement, but it’s a judgment, by one person on another.

I did an IQ test and I can tell you according to that, I’m not a genius.

As the quote above says “judge a fish” what happens if we judge others by this word genius?Alienation.jpg

I know when my teacher called me a genius, it caused separation between me and my other class mates, while patting me on the back, it insulted them. It said you are not!

The really painful thing is, that it made all my hard work void and made it look like to the rest of the group, that its some natural ability that I had.

I failed school I did not pass my leaving cert (high school), everything I have today has come by putting massive effort in.

What would have happened if the teacher acknowledged my hard work? What would have happened for the rest of the people in the class room?

Even though this word was well intentioned, it had the exact opposite effect upon me. I know her intention was to boost my self-esteem, at the time, but because of that careless use of a very common word, she caused exactly the opposite effect. She increased alienation upon me, further increasing my insecurities, at the time.

I now fully believe that genius does not exist and it is a judgement, that causes separation between people, with different skill sets and is ultimately an insult, detracting from the work the person really put in.it doesn't exist.jpg

How would you like to be labelled stupid or ADHD are these judgments true? I know I had both of these, on me, at one time too.

We are ever changing growing beings. When I was in school, I was stupid, based on schools judgment system and when I was in college doing something I was interested in, I was a genius, based on their judgment systems.

The truth is, I’m just me, I’m good at what I’m interested in, that I put effort into and I’m not at the other stuff.


You are the same.

I see us all as creators, you are the creator of your life, you choose where to invest your time. Who am I to judge, I don’t know you and any system that deems people anything, is always their opinion, not what reality really is.

The truth is, you don’t know what you are capable of, so how can they? Simply because we change every day.


We grow, so we cant be judged, by any standards.

We are only limited by the stories we tell ourselves.

Best regards’



Defining what you want! Part 1

The hardest thing to do Is get a picture of what you want together. Because we don’t know what it is, yet. All we know is that we don’t like our current situation, and we want something different. This is just part of the pleasure / pain mechanism. We start to feel mild pain and this grows until we decide what to do next. So we start to try lots of different things to build up a picture of what we want.

Lost vision


When I was about 19 I was lucky to see Fatboy slim the Dj, and he blew the roof off the club. I instantly knew I was going to be a dj and within 3 months I had my first residency, with the best equipment in the world. How did that happen so quickly? The whole picture and feeling was there, I knew what was to be done, I just did it.


Now I’m 38 and need to piece together a new picture, bit by bit. I’ve done an immense amount of courses and retreats, from living with gurus in India to learning from gurus in the stock market.


I’m becoming a global speaker and investor, but the picture and feeling isn’t there, to give me that laser focus that allows my energy to flow, fully. In other words, enthusiasm.

However, there is a bigger energetic world out there, that holds people back, and limits us.

Our main challenge is aligning our energies, with what we want. Both forward and back. But only by identifying what you want, can you identify what is holding you back.

A bit like having an energetic cord tied between you and your chair. As long as you’re sitting in your chair you will never notice it and as soon as you move, you notice it straight away.


These energetic cords can be from friends, family, businesses, your property and your neighborhood. Bit by bit as we grow up and move forward we cut most of these, but some are stronger than others. We very often feel very frustrated with life, because we want to do something, but we feel that something is holding us back and we don’t know what. More than likely it is one of these cords and we can cut them.

I want to have the most fun ever, every day. That is my highest goal and I want to help others do the same. Bit by bit by going through all the things that have limited me, I’m allowing my energy to flow more and as a result have more fun.


By ending things (cutting cords) you allow other things in, to empower you. You allow your energy to flow. But you only know these things by moving forward and trying things.

So if you are feeling tired, frustrated, try doing something new. Work on defining what you want to do next and see if there is anything holding you back, mentally, physically, spiritually or energetically?

the best.jpg

You always want the best, so go for it! What ever that is for you. Go extreme and see what happens?

Who knows you may surprise yourself.

Part 2

What is failure?

Last year I set myself the goal of speaking at pendulum summit in 2017 well I can honestly say I did everything I could think of to do that. But alas its not going to happen this year.


As a friend of mine said we never fail, we only pick the wrong deadlines, which is 100% true.

In all fairness, I said at the start of the year, I have no idea how I’m going to do it, and that it was a ridiculous goal, that is why I wanted to do it. Because it would push me, out of my comfort zones and make me think at a higher level.

I had no idea what was going to happen, to me, over the coming year and there is no way in hell, I could have anticipated the level of growth, that would take place.no-idea

I was already growing and learning far beyond anything I could have even conceived and for what happened, this year, puts every other year, into the baby leagues.

My original plan was to work for pendulum summit (Ireland’s premier personal development event) and hopefully get an opportunity that way. But that didn’t work, so I tried plan b, which was to grow a big enough following myself, so that I would be of so much value, to them, that they would have to give me a go.

Plan b was a much bigger mission, than I thought, As all plan b’s are. ha ha. But plan b, is far closer to what I actually wanted to achieve, than actually speaking at Pendulum.


Plan b, was to start doing my own talks. I started a meetup group, one random week, and the following week 8 people turned up, and what came about was literally something so far beyond anything I could have imagined.

This is where I really started growing, on my year of un-believable growth. I had been doing a lot of meditation, and was very sensitive to energies already, but I did not know how far this would go.

We basically went through a major spiritual evolution, and by major I mean fucking major. haha


We started doing group healing’s, soon after the start of the group, and I took off as far as psychic and spiritual abilities go. Visions, feelings, messages, ancestral healing’s, Akashic records, card readings, mediumship and so much more, that I cannot even remember. Literally mind blowing stuff.

My vision was to speak at pendulum, to give people information that would free them up, and make life easier. I was planning on backing up my information with my story of how I got to speak at pendulum summit. Going from having a small business to speaking at one of the worlds top speaking events.

But now I can do so much more, far beyond anything I have personally seen, and I have done a lot of courses.


Now my vision is feeling what is going on in the crowd and actually using spirit to lift those blocks / limitations and basically doing healing’s to thousands of people, in one go. Which is beyond what I could have imagined and awesome.

Right now, I am actually kind of stuck with my group, we have all grown so much, that it would be very hard, for people to come in and catch up, with what is going on for us. So, I have to think of another plan, to grow the group, if I am to reach this year’s goal.

I am quite confident that I will have opportunities, to speak at pendulum summit and blow the roof off the place, very soon. But probably in 2018


I want to put it out to you, to think about what is failure? because to me it doesn’t exist and even though I did not reach my goal (yet) I am a far better person for it.

Till next time… Miller

Part 3 Navigating our way through life.

There are two flows to life towards and away.

If you think about it, if you see a friendly dog, you go and pet him, you move towards him, and an unfriendly dog you pull away.


If you are really present with yourself, stand on your heals, feel them connected to the floor, feel the balance point between forwards and back. Then say “yes yes yes” out loud and let your body go whatever direction it wants. Then say “no no no” and see where it leads your body.

For most people when they say yes, they move forward, and when they say no, they pull back.

That is a visceral experiment, to show how our language is a gate way to our energy.

Where our attention goes, our energy flows and results show. But what is attention?


In the previous posts, we said, we experience the world through stories. The story of what a chair, is our experience of what a chair is, and also ourselves. That is literally who we think we are, is a story, I am this, or i am that. But to be honest we don’t actually really know what any of it is.

By changing these stories we either move towards life, or away from it, that is dangerous or that is fun.

“Change your story change your life”… Me

Our words take charge of our focus / our attention. Have a look around the room and say “no red” “no red” “no red” what do you see? More than likely the one tiny bit of red in the room, on a book, or in some obscure place. But most importantly you think of the color. the word takes charge of our focus.


How about “no orange”? black ? White? test this while looking at the picture.

Did you notice that even though you said “NO! red” that you still got red.

So what happens if you talk about what you don’t want??? Are you going to find it? What would happen if you started talking about what you do want?


Our words control our focus / attention, you are either talking about what you do want, or what you don’t, but either way you are going to get it.

So if you talk about what you don’t want, all the time, do you feel more or less enthusiastic? What would happen to your energy, would it go up or down? Would you get depressed?

Our words create our reality. If you talk about what you don’t want, you will have a shit reality. What happens if you gossip?

Now lets really work on ourselves. Imagine someone who doesn’t love themselves.This would be a  very common belief. But these people go to psychotherapists, and read blog posts, because they are feeling pain. Well if they din’t love themselves why would they be doing all this work? Would they be reading articles on personal development if they didn’t believe that they deserved better? If you believe you deserve better, that is saying i love myself, this situation is not good enough for me. I deserve to be happy and as a result they work for it.


So for those people they are carrying a story, that is imaginary, that is creating conflict in their reality. But the truth is they actually love themselves, and just think they don’t (basically play that story over and over, blinding themselves to the truth)

So by listening to and changing our stories, we become more aware of what is going on inside of ourselves.

Then we can catch those assumptions and let them go. We don’t need to resolve anything we need to see the truth in ourselves and the world around us.


The world around us and what we are, is just imagination, words and energy. Our imagination (awareness) creates an interactive story, and then we can either put energy into it or let it go.

The more we put energy into the story the more real it becomes to us.

But it is just a story.

Just a story..jpg

As I said at the beginning. There are two flows to life, towards and away, we are in charge of those flows by the stories (spells) we tell.

What stories are you telling about yourself? What would happen if you started to tell the truth about yourself? I am an ever growing improving person? I’m working on myself every day and constantly improving?i-love-myself

How does even reading those statements feel? True?

Do you feel slightly better? Do you feel more energy? Who created that?

Our stories are our gateways to more or less energy. Talk about fun projects and you will be energized and tell the truth about yourself and you will become grounded, and more powerful.

Now we can create who and what we want by the stories we tell ourselves, you and the universe will fall in line behind those stories.

I am going to eat some chocolate later 🙂

Have an epic day.

Part 1.


Part 2. Understanding ourselves. Our story

Understanding ourselves. Who are you? What are you, and what are you capable of?who-am-i

Are you your name? are you human? Who came up with those words? Can you change your name? could you decide to call yourself a completely new race, if you wanted to?


So what are you really? To be honest, I don’t know, I have no idea who and what I am!

If you don’t know, who you are, and what you are, do you know what you are capable of? Each and every day do you learn something new? So do you change every day? Do you grow a bit physically stronger, or weaker, depending on how much exercise you do? Do you grow a bit older and smarter?


Every aspect of you is changing, second by second, minute by minute, and day by day. If you are constantly changing, how can you know what you are capable of. I honestly don’t know what I am capable of and I will never know. If I practice anything, I get better at it, so any initial assumptions of, what i am capable of, will always be wrong, because I can’t tell the future. So, I will never know what I am capable of.

We have a self-image, but I’ve changed it to self-story, because everything we think we are is just a thought / story. I am good, I am bad, I can, I can’t. It’s all a story, we do not know what we are, or what we are capable of and will never know. So, any story, like I can, or I can’t, is always imaginary. But one of them is much more true, than the other. When we say, “I can’t” we are always lying, someone could instantly come along and offer you a billion dollars, to solve that problem and you could figure out a way.

When we say, “I can” we can always figure out a way. It may be a massive challenge, but we can always figure out a way. Now, a truer statement is I can but I don’t want to put the effort into it. Is vastly more effective and empowering, than saying I can’t.


When we say, “I can” we see ourselves as capable of whatever, when we say “I can’t” we see ourselves as less than. If you compound this over time, our self-belief will either go up, or down depending on what language we use. That is our choice.

With language, we are either empowering ourselves or dis-empowering ourselves, based on our self-story. If your story is “I can’t” then you will believe that. By not knowing what we are capable of, that self-image / story, doesn’t mean anything. We accept that we don’t know, so any idea we have of ourselves, Is non-sense. So, let that story go and you will be free.

You will never know what you are capable of, so the only way of finding out is by trying something.


Now look at a child, do they tell themselves any story, as to why they can, or can’t do something, or do they just give it a go?

How does it feel to let go of all of the bulshit limitations you imagine, because they are all imaginary? you don’t know.

It is our choice to put energy into what ever we choose, the more we think of stories that are working against us, the harder life will be.

The more we choose effective language, the more our energy flows and our enthusiasm grows.

Choose freedom 2.jpg

Ultimately who you think you are, is a story and you can change that story, any time you want.

Best regards’


Part 3

Part 1. What is reality and who are you.

Ultimately personal development boils down to three things.

Part 1. Understanding the world around us. The Illusion

Part 2. Understanding ourselves in that. Our story

Part 3. Then navigating our way through it. Language

Part 1. Understanding the world around us, because that leads us to all the other conclusions.what_is_reality

The world around us is made up of 3 elements.

  1. Imagination,
  2. Words,
  3. And energy.

If we look at a chair and ask the question what is it really? We automatically drop the story that it is a chair and say its wood, material or metal whatever it is made out of. We can ask the question again and we go a bit deeper, to molecules, atoms ultimately vibration and energy.

So, what is that chair really. Well someone imagined it and put effort (energy) into sculpting it to what ever shape they want and finally called it a “chair”.


That chair is the end result of someone’s imagination, in real life. But why is it not a stool or a table. Stools and tables have four legs and flat surfaces. Well the word chair or table creates the way we use it. That story creates the reality. A chair is something to sit on but what is that chair to a baby who has not learned to speak. Once we drop the word the story it becomes a thing that we can use in an infinite way. We could use our imagination to carve that chair into an infinite amount of things.

If you look at anything in our reality, it is completely imagined, and has a story attached to it, that story dictates how we use it, and its ultimately made out of energy.


It’s amazing to me that we can explain all of reality in such a simple way but this makes us immensely powerful once we do.

If you think about it, if you call a chair a stool it is no one can argue with that because its completely made up word.

What does that really mean though? It means we can rewrite everything in reality. We can manipulate it to our will and make it more effective for ourselves.

In a simple way, how do you feel when you change the word problem to challenge. What happens.

It goes from being painful to an opportunity to grow. Yet the scenario is still the same. What if you could do that with everything? Well you can!

The world around us is completely made up of our own words, stories, and experiences.


If you never heard the word “pen” would you know what a pen was? Would it even exist? actually it doesn’t. What is a pen to a baby? It is nothing to a baby it has no context. The baby has not built up any story as to what it is. The baby has no experience of it so it simply does not exist.

The world out side of us is completely made up of the words and experiences that are in our heads. If you never heard the word racism would it exist?


The world around us is made up of words, and stories. They are neither good or bad, because good and bad are just more made up words. In reality what is out there is just what is, and we make up the rest. Completely made up, we use words and stories, like spells and magic, to create Heaven or Hell for ourselves.

What ever story you put energy into, becomes your reality.

What would happen if you started rewriting the world around you?

Best regards,


Part 2




Its harder than you might think.

entitiesThis is the bigger picture of what goes on in our heads, bodies and lives.

This what personal effectiveness really looks like.

I have been privileged, over the past few years, to be thrown in at the deep end spiritually.

Genuinely for some people life is just harder, and because this is not talked about ever, it makes it so much harder for them.

There is a lot more going on in the world, than we know and can see.

We have all walked into places and felt off, that we just don’t like it, and we have all walked into clubs and felt the energy lifting the roof.

We can all sense energies, but because it’s not talked about, so we don’t pay any attention to it.

We have all heard about people, places, things, where we just get a vibe, and we don’t know what that is, but it is clear and tangible.

Well the bigger picture on that, is what is actually going on in the world. We are swimming in a sea of energy and energies. It used to be called spirituality, but for me that is a really vague word, until you really start to experience things.

To keep things simple, we will call it energy. It works like magnets, either repelling each other, or attracting each other. We feel the energy of the sun and feel better, and we all know people who are wired to the moon. They are big obvious energies.

Let’s talk about the more subtle ones. Like people who drain us, we speak to them, for an hour and it feels like our life has been sucked out of us, it literally has. Some people can hook into you, and drain you from a far, until you cut ties with them. like marriage we tie the knot that actually symbolizes, us getting energetically intertwined.

Why do we use the words like attractive and repellent to describe people. That they have a magnetic personality, or their enthusiasm is infectious?

We feel these energies all the time. Some people are just more sensitive than others. Just like some people are more emotional than others.

There are even more subtle energies out there, but these ones can have very big effects, over time, in our lives. These ones are hungry, and feed on us. They feed on our thoughts and feelings.

That is why some people, literally do have it harder, because they have these energies, hanging out of them.

energy cords.jpg

You can have ancestral cords, coming down your family lines, that can hook into you and give you feelings of poverty, or hurt, or loneliness, or all the good stuff.

You can have entities, spirits, and deceased people hanging out of you, trying to give you a message and you wouldn’t have a clue.

These can even put thoughts in your head. They will be your thoughts and feelings, but just amplified and distorted.

I’ve had friends deceased partners, hanging out of me. Having a very distinct drag on me, but because I didn’t know what it was, I just had to carry on with life. Once I released her I had much more energy.

I am carrying my granny’s burden she had a very tough life, and it’s for me to spiritually help clear that, so it doesn’t carry on down my family lines. This energy has been with me my whole life, and has actually distorted the muscles in my back, and it interferes with my mind and emotions.


It’s only been in the last few weeks that I’ve been clear enough, in my own emotions, that I’ve been able to feel where these thoughts and feelings are coming from in my body. As I start to do some writing, I feel a ball of frustration in my chest, and that energy feeds on it. It amplifies that feeling so that I feel frustrated, and then don’t finish what I start, it gets to feed another day.

The good news is that all these energies are all attached to my shit, my dis-empowering emotions, and attitudes. So, each time I feel frustrated, I get an opportunity to clear some of my frustrations with life, and become more effective.

Each of these energies, in dis-empowering me, and working against me, they have actually made me much more powerful, by helping me become ever more aware of my stories, that are holding me back. Causing me to be ever more present and ultimately happy.

Imagine it like this, if you have a story in you of “I’m not good enough”, these energies feed on that, so it is for their benefit to keep you stuck, and dis-empowered, however that is where it goes wrong, for them. By amplifying these feelings, it means you can let them go. You get to see them much more clearly, and evaluate them from an educated perspective. We have all had “ah ha” moments where we caught some old thought, or feeling, where we just let it go. So, by letting it go, we become slipperier, to the entities and they just can’t hold on. In that moment, we become stronger smarter, more effective and present.

I am extremely grateful, for these entities, as they have taught me an immense amount of stuff. I have been in the spiritual gym, my whole life, and they have given me the greatest work out ever. It’s still been a pain in the balls, but just like any work out, the benefits outweigh the down side.


Best regards.