Congruency with self.

Alignment congruency connecting to self.

Emotional congruency is everything in an effective person’s life.

If you ignore your feelings, you will get sick, tired, confused and ultimately live a hollow life.

What we all want is feelings. No one wants things, they want the feelings things give them. security freedom or even love.

When you are congruent with yourself you have more health, vitality, clarity and greater capacity to take action.

How do we do this? by listening to ourselves, not operating out of what we think life should be, like what our parents and society say we should do. But by listening deep and connecting with your heart and guts to find that connection to yourself and your passions. We can only gain this by un learning what society says and listening to what our truth says.

We may be sick of our life, we may be depressed, unhappy or worse. That is simply your feelings saying I don’t like this, and they will get louder and louder. If you ignore them it will only go one way.

If you listen, then you have a choice, you get to get really clear about what you don’t like, and then make decisions towards what you do. But this only comes from being in tune with yourself. This is what being conscious is.

This is not a mental exercise this is a feeling exercise. We only have one brain and that is our whole body. Every cell is giving us information to discern what is going on for us. we put our hand on the cooker and our hand sends a thought up our arm saying this is hot or safe.

Use all of your intelligence that is your whole body. This is your place of power!