Thought is virtually meaningless.

The structure of how we actually process the world.

  1. Feel to think, think to feel.
  2. Desire is the mother of thought.

My goal is to have $100,000 invested so I am financially free and able to do whatever I want when I want, which is live in the sun and travel.

This goal looks like what I want is $100,000, but what I actually desire, what is actually motivating me and all my actions is the feeling of freedom fun and adventure.

The $100,000 is just a tool to get me there.

The feeling of desire the feeling of freedom is actually what is giving me clarity on what I want (the thing) but it is the feeling that is doing all the work.

We all have million dollar thoughts all the time, but we have no desire to put them into action and because of lack of desire, they are meaningless. The meaning is given by the feeling.

By feeling to think, we find what we really want, what we really desire and as a result, we then have the thoughts that can put that desire into action.

To me now its 95% feeling and only 5% thought.

This matches the universal model of Be, Do, Have if you can “be” with your feelings you will find out what is most effective for you to “do” and then you will “have” what you truly want.

This is why we hear the story of people who are successful not BEing happy, because they did what they “thought” would make them happy, instead of listening to themselves and figuring out what will actually make them happy now.

This is why so many people meditate first thing is to calm down their thinking for the day. This is why we run to ground ourselves and feel better so we can think better.

This has been my biggest challenge because I’ve had so much trauma in my body that I was completely out of my Base and Sacral Chakra. From personal experience if you are not in these you cannot feel desire, pleasure, things will be meaningless, and you will not be able to take action because you can not feel which idea is better.

Things will make logical sense, but you will have no pleasurable feeling to motivate you no desire to drive you and as a result, you will do the next thing that is of most value to you. Which is usually a distraction of some sort.

Desire is the foundations of everything in the universe. If you did not desire, you will not want, if you do not want, you will not get any ideas or thoughts, you will just exist.

These desires come from our base chakra and sacral chakra.  If you are not in these you will not feel any desires wants or pleasure.