Part 3 Navigating our way through life.

There are two flows to life towards and away.

If you think about it, if you see a friendly dog, you go and pet him, you move towards him, and an unfriendly dog you pull away.


If you are really present with yourself, stand on your heals, feel them connected to the floor, feel the balance point between forwards and back. Then say “yes yes yes” out loud and let your body go whatever direction it wants. Then say “no no no” and see where it leads your body.

For most people when they say yes, they move forward, and when they say no, they pull back.

That is a visceral experiment, to show how our language is a gate way to our energy.

Where our attention goes, our energy flows and results show. But what is attention?


In the previous posts, we said, we experience the world through stories. The story of what a chair, is our experience of what a chair is, and also ourselves. That is literally who we think we are, is a story, I am this, or i am that. But to be honest we don’t actually really know what any of it is.

By changing these stories we either move towards life, or away from it, that is dangerous or that is fun.

“Change your story change your life”… Me

Our words take charge of our focus / our attention. Have a look around the room and say “no red” “no red” “no red” what do you see? More than likely the one tiny bit of red in the room, on a book, or in some obscure place. But most importantly you think of the color. the word takes charge of our focus.


How about “no orange”? black ? White? test this while looking at the picture.

Did you notice that even though you said “NO! red” that you still got red.

So what happens if you talk about what you don’t want??? Are you going to find it? What would happen if you started talking about what you do want?


Our words control our focus / attention, you are either talking about what you do want, or what you don’t, but either way you are going to get it.

So if you talk about what you don’t want, all the time, do you feel more or less enthusiastic? What would happen to your energy, would it go up or down? Would you get depressed?

Our words create our reality. If you talk about what you don’t want, you will have a shit reality. What happens if you gossip?

Now lets really work on ourselves. Imagine someone who doesn’t love themselves.This would be a  very common belief. But these people go to psychotherapists, and read blog posts, because they are feeling pain. Well if they din’t love themselves why would they be doing all this work? Would they be reading articles on personal development if they didn’t believe that they deserved better? If you believe you deserve better, that is saying i love myself, this situation is not good enough for me. I deserve to be happy and as a result they work for it.


So for those people they are carrying a story, that is imaginary, that is creating conflict in their reality. But the truth is they actually love themselves, and just think they don’t (basically play that story over and over, blinding themselves to the truth)

So by listening to and changing our stories, we become more aware of what is going on inside of ourselves.

Then we can catch those assumptions and let them go. We don’t need to resolve anything we need to see the truth in ourselves and the world around us.


The world around us and what we are, is just imagination, words and energy. Our imagination (awareness) creates an interactive story, and then we can either put energy into it or let it go.

The more we put energy into the story the more real it becomes to us.

But it is just a story.

Just a story..jpg

As I said at the beginning. There are two flows to life, towards and away, we are in charge of those flows by the stories (spells) we tell.

What stories are you telling about yourself? What would happen if you started to tell the truth about yourself? I am an ever growing improving person? I’m working on myself every day and constantly improving?i-love-myself

How does even reading those statements feel? True?

Do you feel slightly better? Do you feel more energy? Who created that?

Our stories are our gateways to more or less energy. Talk about fun projects and you will be energized and tell the truth about yourself and you will become grounded, and more powerful.

Now we can create who and what we want by the stories we tell ourselves, you and the universe will fall in line behind those stories.

I am going to eat some chocolate later 🙂

Have an epic day.

Part 1.


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