Its harder than you might think.

entitiesThis is the bigger picture of what goes on in our heads, bodies and lives.

This what personal effectiveness really looks like.

I have been privileged, over the past few years, to be thrown in at the deep end spiritually.

Genuinely for some people life is just harder, and because this is not talked about ever, it makes it so much harder for them.

There is a lot more going on in the world, than we know and can see.

We have all walked into places and felt off, that we just don’t like it, and we have all walked into clubs and felt the energy lifting the roof.

We can all sense energies, but because it’s not talked about, so we don’t pay any attention to it.

We have all heard about people, places, things, where we just get a vibe, and we don’t know what that is, but it is clear and tangible.

Well the bigger picture on that, is what is actually going on in the world. We are swimming in a sea of energy and energies. It used to be called spirituality, but for me that is a really vague word, until you really start to experience things.

To keep things simple, we will call it energy. It works like magnets, either repelling each other, or attracting each other. We feel the energy of the sun and feel better, and we all know people who are wired to the moon. They are big obvious energies.

Let’s talk about the more subtle ones. Like people who drain us, we speak to them, for an hour and it feels like our life has been sucked out of us, it literally has. Some people can hook into you, and drain you from a far, until you cut ties with them. like marriage we tie the knot that actually symbolizes, us getting energetically intertwined.

Why do we use the words like attractive and repellent to describe people. That they have a magnetic personality, or their enthusiasm is infectious?

We feel these energies all the time. Some people are just more sensitive than others. Just like some people are more emotional than others.

There are even more subtle energies out there, but these ones can have very big effects, over time, in our lives. These ones are hungry, and feed on us. They feed on our thoughts and feelings.

That is why some people, literally do have it harder, because they have these energies, hanging out of them.

energy cords.jpg

You can have ancestral cords, coming down your family lines, that can hook into you and give you feelings of poverty, or hurt, or loneliness, or all the good stuff.

You can have entities, spirits, and deceased people hanging out of you, trying to give you a message and you wouldn’t have a clue.

These can even put thoughts in your head. They will be your thoughts and feelings, but just amplified and distorted.

I’ve had friends deceased partners, hanging out of me. Having a very distinct drag on me, but because I didn’t know what it was, I just had to carry on with life. Once I released her I had much more energy.

I am carrying my granny’s burden she had a very tough life, and it’s for me to spiritually help clear that, so it doesn’t carry on down my family lines. This energy has been with me my whole life, and has actually distorted the muscles in my back, and it interferes with my mind and emotions.


It’s only been in the last few weeks that I’ve been clear enough, in my own emotions, that I’ve been able to feel where these thoughts and feelings are coming from in my body. As I start to do some writing, I feel a ball of frustration in my chest, and that energy feeds on it. It amplifies that feeling so that I feel frustrated, and then don’t finish what I start, it gets to feed another day.

The good news is that all these energies are all attached to my shit, my dis-empowering emotions, and attitudes. So, each time I feel frustrated, I get an opportunity to clear some of my frustrations with life, and become more effective.

Each of these energies, in dis-empowering me, and working against me, they have actually made me much more powerful, by helping me become ever more aware of my stories, that are holding me back. Causing me to be ever more present and ultimately happy.

Imagine it like this, if you have a story in you of “I’m not good enough”, these energies feed on that, so it is for their benefit to keep you stuck, and dis-empowered, however that is where it goes wrong, for them. By amplifying these feelings, it means you can let them go. You get to see them much more clearly, and evaluate them from an educated perspective. We have all had “ah ha” moments where we caught some old thought, or feeling, where we just let it go. So, by letting it go, we become slipperier, to the entities and they just can’t hold on. In that moment, we become stronger smarter, more effective and present.

I am extremely grateful, for these entities, as they have taught me an immense amount of stuff. I have been in the spiritual gym, my whole life, and they have given me the greatest work out ever. It’s still been a pain in the balls, but just like any work out, the benefits outweigh the down side.


Best regards.

2 Replies to “Its harder than you might think.”

  1. Good piece Miller, very true and insightful. But without the patronising bs that normally ruins this kind of thinking. You’re a good egg 🙂

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