Tacking charge, of your ship.

I remember reading listening to Brain Tracey’s audio book, “Maximum Achievement” years and years ago, and must have read it, a minimum, of 50 times, if not 100 times. haha


The bit i remember most, and caused me some distress, was the first chapter, where he talks about taking responsibility. On numerous levels I could not get my head around it.

I wanted to take responsibility, but i had no idea how, or what that actually was. I understood the idea, but what did it look like in real life.

We have all heard the statement, that responsibility is your response ability and that is great, but that is too reactive for me.


Today the full impact of this hit home. I don’t want to react to life, I want to create.

I see life, like a captain of a ship, who is facing down a storm. He is responsible for the ship and how he responds to the current challenge is his choice. But what really happens when this situation comes about, is that the captain takes charge of the ship, in relation to his destination. He has options, to move forward through the storm, or around it.


Yes, he is responding to the situation, and yes he is responsible, but I’ve found that taking charge is a much more effective way of looking at the situation. You take in more of the information available to you. You take in the whole picture. When you are responsible you are reacting, when you are taking charge you are being proactive.


Now let’s apply it to our lives. Where are you responsible in your life, but don’t take action? does being responsible motivate you, to take action? How about where can you take charge in your life? does this feel more motivating to you? I know it does for me.

I am the captain of my ship, and I am responsible for that, but what I actually do, is take charge of my life.a-pretty-ship-and-a-pretty-captain-captain-jack-sparrow-34727553-500-412

A final thought. I feel now, That the overriding purpose of parents, is not to raise responsible children, but to raise them to take charge, of their own life.

Have an epic day.


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