Marcelo de Faria Bastos

‘Anthony was very effective by choosing the term “epic life” as a name of his meeting group. He has brought us up to this heroic journey to understand ourselves and build an enjoyable life during this process.
Week by week, I have been learning how to organise my thoughts and listen to my feelings. How to put aside incongruent points of view and ‘intellectual stuff’ as to clean the path to absolute creation of what I want, unleashing my own power.  
His individual appointments are very helpful to focus and bring clarity over thinking patterns and to understand feelings as to connect us to our life purpose and aspirations.  
In the endeavour of self-development, it is all about ourselves to meet and drive understanding of what we really are. Anthony adds up by being a catalyser and sharing the experience of someone who has been and still is on the learning path.
It has been a pleasure to be part of the group and meet Anthony’.  
Kind regards,
Marcelo de Faria Bastos
Skype: marcelobastos_adm
Phone: +353 085 1012 498

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