Enthusiasm is the key part 2

We left yesterday’s post with one burning question, what makes you enthusiastic?

happy-sadQuestions are sooooo important. If I ask you, what don’t you like? you will think of something, you don’t like, and tell me. What would happen if i asked what do you like? So our questions actually make us feel good, or bad?

Our questions actually are a huge part of our awareness. Our ability to ask questions, is a huge part of our ability to be happy, and evaluate the world around us.

a-different-perspectiveBasically not taking things for granted, testing them, and then evaluating them, from a different perspective.

In a really simple, ask yourself this. What is a chair really? See how this question now expands our awareness to beyond what we thought?

Well the answer is…… wood or what ever its made out of, and then a smart person will say, atoms or energy. So its not really a chair? Hmmmm. What makes it different, to a table?

That question makes you think, so what is everything?

the_mind_is_everything_what_you_think_you_become_1024x1024What a chair really is, is a story, a chair is “something to sit on”. Think of it this way. If a chair was in an arts student’s house, and it was beside their bed, a lamp was on it and a book. We may think because of the context, that they are using it as a night table? So the story has changed, but the shape is the same, its really the context that has changed, that dictates the use, but, that is just a story.

What happens if they just take the stuff off, and it instantly becomes a chair, the story changes, but the thing is still the same.

question-everythingThis is awesome, so what happens then, if we start looking at these things, like what they really are, which is an infinite bunch of possibilities. So someone could take that wooden chair, and carve the most amazing things into it, and it becomes an art piece, or what ever we want to imagine.

Now that we are saying this, what is a chair really? Actually its unknowable. The most accurate thing I can come up with, is an infinite bunch of possibilities, which is literally the most vague thing ever.


Do you feel how powerful questions are? They have just dissolved all of reality for us. our story of a chair is not true, it is made up, what would a baby call it? Well they wouldn’t be sitting on it, they would be using it to hold on to, while they figure out how to walk. So is it a Zimmer frame to that baby ha-ha.

If a chair can be a an infinite bunch of possibilities, what does that mean for you?

Who are you really. Are you your story, like the chair “is something to sit on”. Are you truly your story? Your self image? Or are you like the chair,unlimited_sm2 an infinite bunch of possibilities?

The only thing that is holding you back, is how effective your questions are? if you ask a different question you will get a different result.

How do you feel about yourself now? What would happen, if you asked the question? what are all the good things that have happened, to me, in my life?

Questions change everything! Iim-actually-pretty-smart failed school, and I thought I was stupid until I asked one simple question. Have I done at least one smart thing in my life? and of course the answer was yes! I asked another, will i do other smart things? and of course the answer was yes, again. So I asked one final question, if I have done smart things in the past, and I will in the future, was my old self image true? and of course it wasn’t.
What questions do you ask yourself, and how are they making you enthusiastic? because if they are not, they are not, effective questions.

what-questonsHow can you start asking more effective questions? How can you start making yourself feel, more enthusiastic.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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