A spiritual reading, for David.

Miller is not your typical reader. To say that I was impressed by the impromptu reading he gave me would be a big understatement.

The reading was very intuitive and delivered in Millers unique style, which made it not only very helpful but a tonne of fun too.

He was able to pick up on shifts in my energy body during the reading and would hone in on certain things as a result. We stayed on particular areas of the reading until another shift let us know that I had reached the understanding desired.

Through the reading I was able to access deeper layers of awareness around my role and purpose, and found new energy to drive me forward. I created a piece of work afterwards based on what we had discussed in the reading, which freed me from self limitations and is still opening up new opportunities for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading with Miller and received a lot of benefit from it. I would recommend him to anyone interested in energy work and self development.


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