Enthusiasm is the key part 1

This is the first of a number of posts, because enthusiasm is not talked about enough.enthusiasm-is-the-key-to-successs

Enthusiasm is the key. If you are not enthusiastic, life is a drag, you are not living you are existing.

When you are enthusiastic, you are expecting good things, to happen.

When you are in fear, you are expecting bad things to happen.

Both are just you using your mind, to imagine a future. That is your choice!!!

Senthusiasm-is-the-mother-of-efforto over the next few days leading up to my talk on this, we will explore what enthusiasm is.

Today is all about happiness, and what that actually is? So many people are trapped by this word. They want to be happy, but what are they actually saying in that statement? Well if they want to be happy, they are saying I’m not happy now, happiness is off in the distance.

Over and ovefuck-this-bulshit-i-m-outr people are asking for happiness, and actually stating over and over, that they are not happy. This literally controls your focus, and you are stamping into your unconscious, that you are unhappy now, and happiness is far away.

To most people with this focus, they are problem orientated. They think that happiness is the lack of problems. But what happens when you get rid of all your problems? Are you happy or just existing? Will you be at peace, or will you be bored?

For most people at this point, they are starting to ask, what actually makes me happy? What is it? What creates happiness?

joyFirst of all its our perspective on life, do you choose to look at your problems, or do you focus on creating opportunities? When we focus on problems we get dis-empowered. When we focus on opportunities, we get empowered. We go from I can’t, to I can. would you feel more happy if you felt more empowered? Its really simple, our perspective creates happiness.

But if I was to ask you, what in your life makes you happy? Chances are you like me wouldn’t particularly know. It is very vague and we are not in that state, to connect with those thoughts. It is very hard to imagine happiness, when we are down.

excitedHappiness is too vague. What happens, when we say, what was the last thing you were enthusiastic, or excited about? Well enthusiasm crops up, when we are getting new things, or trying new things. We may be getting a new car, house, baby, course, or relationship. For some reason we can think more effectively, with this emotion. We can remember past times, and as a result imagine future events.

So what makes you enthusiastic?

Come join us, at our weekly talk, with the epic life group.


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