Your allowed have the best

School, parents, work, and money, all tell you can’t! Literally everything in the first 20 years of your life is set up to make you think you can’t, and then it all changes. Then the world starts to ask you, what do you want? What do you want to do with your life, with college, with your career?

You have been programmed from a very young age to believe in limitations, but those limitations are bulshit.a-different-perspective

What we are going to do in this course is evaporate those limitations, bit by bit each week, so that we can start to see ourselves for what we really are. We are creators of ourselves, our destiny and the world around us.

To do that we have to want things we have to have desires. Wants and desires have a bad reputation in our society, yet everything is based on them. Someone wanted to build the Eiffel Tower, now millions of people every year, flock to it, for the wonderment of it. Why? Just because they desire to!

I Love MeThis is something I have found shocking, and its shocking because I had to learn this myself. I am allowed to want things, I’m allowed to have things. Things like feeling good about myself, and as a result having nice things in my life.

I could always see that other people could have nice things, they deserved it but I didn’t.

How about you? How does this make you feel? Do you deserve nice things?

These things are different for everyone, but you are entitled to them.

It is really simple we all want the best for our lives. But we have to ask ourselves the question, what is the best for me? We have to break the conditioning that we have seen growing up, what our parents and society think is best for us. We have to start thinking for ourselves.

excitedI want the very best of everything I want to experience everything that life has to offer, I feel you do too. but what that is for you, is very different for me. At this time, I don’t want children, where as someone else would think that is the most insane thing ever. They would not be able to comprehend that, but what is best for them, is not best for me, at this moment, and that may change.

So what do you want for your life? Because your allowed have whatever you want!

I want an Epic Life I want to have fun every day,
and make a difference to the world.

Agne Vabamae

“I am truly grateful Anthony for the profound session I had with you. The session helped me to integrate certain aspects of myself, I wasn’t aware of, and resulted in a huge realization. You supported me in translating the new awareness into practical daily steps. You combined your intuition, psychic skills and energy awareness with coaching techniques that brought my experience to a whole new level I ever experienced. Your Integrity, non-judgement, professionalism, a great sense of limitlessness that radiates from you worked really well for me. Thanks for the profound realization I feel that a major shift has happened in my life, that allows me to advance, in my goals, with greater ease. Brilliant work, Anthony!”

Julie Meehan

I really felt a strong inward invitation, when I sat with Anthony, for a card reading, to open up to all possibilities, and to deeply listen. Anthony’s energy, Presence, and his true desire, to point back to you, the potential within and what you really are, really opened up something within me, that has felt dormant for some time.

In the days and weeks following, I could feel a great flow of both creativity, and receptivity and a stronger, more unshakable sense of confidence in trusting mySelf.  A much greater allowance for Yes!

Thank You Anthony 🙂

(i’m over the moon at this) Anthony 🙂 Thanks Julie.

A spiritual reading, for David.

Miller is not your typical reader. To say that I was impressed by the impromptu reading he gave me would be a big understatement.

The reading was very intuitive and delivered in Millers unique style, which made it not only very helpful but a tonne of fun too.

He was able to pick up on shifts in my energy body during the reading and would hone in on certain things as a result. We stayed on particular areas of the reading until another shift let us know that I had reached the understanding desired.

Through the reading I was able to access deeper layers of awareness around my role and purpose, and found new energy to drive me forward. I created a piece of work afterwards based on what we had discussed in the reading, which freed me from self limitations and is still opening up new opportunities for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading with Miller and received a lot of benefit from it. I would recommend him to anyone interested in energy work and self development.

Enthusiasm is the key part 2

We left yesterday’s post with one burning question, what makes you enthusiastic?

happy-sadQuestions are sooooo important. If I ask you, what don’t you like? you will think of something, you don’t like, and tell me. What would happen if i asked what do you like? So our questions actually make us feel good, or bad?

Our questions actually are a huge part of our awareness. Our ability to ask questions, is a huge part of our ability to be happy, and evaluate the world around us.

a-different-perspectiveBasically not taking things for granted, testing them, and then evaluating them, from a different perspective.

In a really simple, ask yourself this. What is a chair really? See how this question now expands our awareness to beyond what we thought?

Well the answer is…… wood or what ever its made out of, and then a smart person will say, atoms or energy. So its not really a chair? Hmmmm. What makes it different, to a table?

That question makes you think, so what is everything?

the_mind_is_everything_what_you_think_you_become_1024x1024What a chair really is, is a story, a chair is “something to sit on”. Think of it this way. If a chair was in an arts student’s house, and it was beside their bed, a lamp was on it and a book. We may think because of the context, that they are using it as a night table? So the story has changed, but the shape is the same, its really the context that has changed, that dictates the use, but, that is just a story.

What happens if they just take the stuff off, and it instantly becomes a chair, the story changes, but the thing is still the same.

question-everythingThis is awesome, so what happens then, if we start looking at these things, like what they really are, which is an infinite bunch of possibilities. So someone could take that wooden chair, and carve the most amazing things into it, and it becomes an art piece, or what ever we want to imagine.

Now that we are saying this, what is a chair really? Actually its unknowable. The most accurate thing I can come up with, is an infinite bunch of possibilities, which is literally the most vague thing ever.


Do you feel how powerful questions are? They have just dissolved all of reality for us. our story of a chair is not true, it is made up, what would a baby call it? Well they wouldn’t be sitting on it, they would be using it to hold on to, while they figure out how to walk. So is it a Zimmer frame to that baby ha-ha.

If a chair can be a an infinite bunch of possibilities, what does that mean for you?

Who are you really. Are you your story, like the chair “is something to sit on”. Are you truly your story? Your self image? Or are you like the chair,unlimited_sm2 an infinite bunch of possibilities?

The only thing that is holding you back, is how effective your questions are? if you ask a different question you will get a different result.

How do you feel about yourself now? What would happen, if you asked the question? what are all the good things that have happened, to me, in my life?

Questions change everything! Iim-actually-pretty-smart failed school, and I thought I was stupid until I asked one simple question. Have I done at least one smart thing in my life? and of course the answer was yes! I asked another, will i do other smart things? and of course the answer was yes, again. So I asked one final question, if I have done smart things in the past, and I will in the future, was my old self image true? and of course it wasn’t.
What questions do you ask yourself, and how are they making you enthusiastic? because if they are not, they are not, effective questions.

what-questonsHow can you start asking more effective questions? How can you start making yourself feel, more enthusiastic.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Enthusiasm is the key part 1

This is the first of a number of posts, because enthusiasm is not talked about enough.enthusiasm-is-the-key-to-successs

Enthusiasm is the key. If you are not enthusiastic, life is a drag, you are not living you are existing.

When you are enthusiastic, you are expecting good things, to happen.

When you are in fear, you are expecting bad things to happen.

Both are just you using your mind, to imagine a future. That is your choice!!!

Senthusiasm-is-the-mother-of-efforto over the next few days leading up to my talk on this, we will explore what enthusiasm is.

Today is all about happiness, and what that actually is? So many people are trapped by this word. They want to be happy, but what are they actually saying in that statement? Well if they want to be happy, they are saying I’m not happy now, happiness is off in the distance.

Over and ovefuck-this-bulshit-i-m-outr people are asking for happiness, and actually stating over and over, that they are not happy. This literally controls your focus, and you are stamping into your unconscious, that you are unhappy now, and happiness is far away.

To most people with this focus, they are problem orientated. They think that happiness is the lack of problems. But what happens when you get rid of all your problems? Are you happy or just existing? Will you be at peace, or will you be bored?

For most people at this point, they are starting to ask, what actually makes me happy? What is it? What creates happiness?

joyFirst of all its our perspective on life, do you choose to look at your problems, or do you focus on creating opportunities? When we focus on problems we get dis-empowered. When we focus on opportunities, we get empowered. We go from I can’t, to I can. would you feel more happy if you felt more empowered? Its really simple, our perspective creates happiness.

But if I was to ask you, what in your life makes you happy? Chances are you like me wouldn’t particularly know. It is very vague and we are not in that state, to connect with those thoughts. It is very hard to imagine happiness, when we are down.

excitedHappiness is too vague. What happens, when we say, what was the last thing you were enthusiastic, or excited about? Well enthusiasm crops up, when we are getting new things, or trying new things. We may be getting a new car, house, baby, course, or relationship. For some reason we can think more effectively, with this emotion. We can remember past times, and as a result imagine future events.

So what makes you enthusiastic?

Come join us, at our weekly talk, with the epic life group.


Enthusiasm Is The Key

EEnthusiasm is the mother of effortnthusiasm is the key to life, not happiness, joy or even love. I am being very precise with my words. Love is what is, happiness is the feeling, and so Is joy. But enthusiasm is the key to life, life is movement, growth and contribution. Enthusiasm is Love in motion, or action. Enthusiasm, is the flow of life, the vibration you emit, and as you know is infectious?

Think about how enthusiastic you where as a child for Christmas. The surprises that where coming to you. How enthusiastic are you about life now? Surprises happen all the time, but we have dulled down our lives so much, that the only surprises we get are bills, Mu ha ha.

Lets drop that shit. Lets start expecting good things to happen.The-real-secret-of-success__quotes-by-Walter-Chrysler-27

Think about if you were getting a new car, how excited you are looking at all the different models. You create that.

Think about when you meet someone you fancy, thinking about what may come of the interaction. You create that feeling.

Can you feel in these two examples of how your thought energy is looking forward to what may happen?

How often do you use that thought energy, to look forward to what bad may happen?

In both cases you will never know what will happen, it will always bthe-key-to-success-is-not-through-achievement-but-through-enthusiasm-quote-1e a surprise, and you’re the one who creates the expectations. !!!!

How often do you kill your enthusiasm, with a misuse of your imagination?

We either dis-empower ourselves, or empower ourselves, with our imagination / thoughts.

We use questions to create our future. What can go wrong with this, or what could we do that would be awesome, which question would bring you more happiness, / enthusiasm?

What would happen if you started asking how much fun, could I have, in work today? Who could I have fun with? What could I do that would be interesting. instead of the usual drone of misery?

enthusiasm is the key to successsNow for the deep psychology stuff. What do you really want in life. We actually want to feel terrific, awesome, and full of enthusiasm, for every day. How often do you ask yourself this question? Am I happy doing what I’m doing? If not ask a more effective question? What would fill me full of enthusiasm every day? And we can ask an even more effective question, what ways can I do what fills me full of enthusiasm, and make loads of money.

This is not materialistic. What do they say about enthusiasm? “it’s infectious” so it is your responsibility to be full of enthusiasm, because you will literally be making the world, around you, a happier place? And having money just allows you to amplify that.

Its simple you want an Epic Life and what ever that is is up to you but you create it by the use of your imagination and to direct that you ask yourself effective questions.  winston churchill

So what fills you full of enthusiasm? and if you don’t know, then ask a more effective question.

Have an awesome day.