Picking a role model. Richard Branson.

I’ve been reading Richard Branson’s books for years but yesterday as I was re-reading the virgin way I realized something has changed in me.

Richard Branson was always a person who I admired, but yesterday it went from admiration to seeing him as a role model.

What has switched, is that rather than seeing what he is doing as something cool it changed to something I wanted to emulate.

One is external and nice and the other is internal and motivating.

I’ve always asked people who they admire, this is a good way for me to see who they really are. Because we see in others only what we see in ourselves.

OprahPeople like Oprah because of her compassion, whereas I see her as a thought leader.

What I feel has happened, is that as I’ve cleared enough of my doubts and fears, that I am now able to see my purpose clearer. Through that, I’ve been able to connect with it much better. Through this connection, I was then able to see in another, (Richard)  what I wanted to see in my life.

Richard Branson.What I see, that I want to emulate, in Richard Branson, is his love for life, his ability to mix work, and pleasure, his ability to listen, take notes, and then to write. These are all attributes, I’ve been working on in myself, but Richard Branson has the whole package that I want. (The image kinda says it all)

He works hard, manages himself, his companies, his drive is to have fun, be creative, to be of benefit to man and the planet.

I see what has happened to me, all the other times I read Richards books, what he was doing, was something I’d like, rather than now, it’s something I want. My belief has changed. The belief in me is there to create the connection between me, and what he is doing.

So ask yourself this question? Who do I admire and why? Pick three and just jot down a few attributes that you admire in each.

Secondly, ask yourself which one of them (or someone else) would be a great role model for me. Who do I want to emulate?

You will always be original, because you are different, and like different things. but it’s just to connect with someone, who is a bit further down the path than you are.

I would love to read what you came up with.