Defining a dream life part 2.

In the previous post I asked the question, how are you going to serve the world or people around you?

I want to serve big time, but just saying that is nonsense. What does that actually look like?

Steve JobsLet’s come at this a different way. In a roundabout way, but this takes into account the whole picture. not just who your going to serve, but also the happy life you want to live at the same time. We would like to serve, but also have a level of comfort for ourselves.

Everyone wants money either for themselves or others. So what would your life look like if you had all the money you needed, by serving as many people as possible? You may have a nice house and a nice car. What type of house, where, and what car? What kind of life style will you have?

Be who you want to be.OprahBy understanding the big picture of what you want, (thinks, lifestyle) and who you want to serve, (purpose and fulfillment) you can then enjoy what your doing with out any stresses. And we all like to be served by people who are happy and love what they are doing.

I want a 2017 Range Rover, in Ireland they are very expensive cars. I am actually happy with my current apartment, so that doesn’t feature in my vision, but I do want to travel a lot, and in style.

rob_dyrdek-466705The important question from here is, who do you want to be? to get that dream car, house or life. It is “who you want to be”  that is what you really want. But some times that is too far away from our current reality to actually connect with.

So ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What three people do I admire? I admire Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Rob Dyrdek.
  2. What are the aspects of these people I admire? The reason we ask this is because it gives us an insight into ourselves. We actually admire them because, they are actually doing in some way what we like. It gets us out of our heads and into a free space, where we can now see ourselves clearly without our BS…
  3. And finally now that you have a clearer perspective on who you want to be, what is the smallest thing you can do to start becoming more like that person. (what would be fun / Interesting)

My example is Oprah, Steve Jobs and Rob Dyrdek. I like Oprah because she has an amazing ability to connect with millions of people, globally in a humble and fun way. I like Steve Jobs because he was completely focused on being excellent at what he did. And Rob Dyrdek because, he has immense amounts of fun, and adventures while he is running his business.

ClarityBeing clearer on that has given me guidelines, in what I want for my life. And it guides my next decision. What do i want to do, to become that person? who has fun connects with millions of people, and is excellent at what he does. Simply how can i have the most fun while earning enough money to have an awesome life and help as many people as possible.

range-rover-sportThat is the reason I went for blogging and speaking. Ultimately I will love this because, I find it fun, and as a result of me finding it fun and interesting, others will too, because enthusiasm is contagious.

Now I just have to figure out a way to do this in a large enough scale that will allow me to buy a Range Rover.

The process is. What you want, who you want to be to get that, what can you do now to get move closer to that.

I hope this got you thinking, I’d love to hear who you admire and why?