When you think great, you eat great, then you feel great!

The title to this post says it all, in the most simple way.

You have a choice in life and only one choice in life. All other things are results of this one choice.

You can choose to look at the dark side, or choose to look at the light.

If you choose to focus on what you don’t want. I don’t want to be fat, tired, stressed, or any number of other ailments. How does that make you feel? Fat tired and stressed? Frustrated for definite. Did your energy go up or down as you read out those statements?

energy_healing_boostWhat would happen if you chose to focus on what you ACTUALLY want? Happiness, Joy, enthusiasm, energy, vitality, health? How does even reading these words make you feel? I’m sure it’s more energized.

We are in a river, a river that is running in the direction we do not want to go. All the people around us talk about what they don’t, want what they don’t like, what they hate, what frustrates them! They are going with the flow. They do not know what they want, so there is no direction in life. When you have no direction, you’re lost! At the mercy of the world around you. If somebody says something, you have no comparison to gauge if it’s right, for you, or not. You have no way of telling if it can get you closer to happiness, or not. Everything then becomes frustrating, everything becomes a problem, they then become dis-empowered and lose hope.  Doom and gloom.

We are about to make a decision to only talk about what we want, because it energizes us, it gives us a direction, a course through all the challenges in life, that make us stronger swimmers. It gives us a tool to be able to decide if something is worthwhile or not. If you have a goal of getting fit. Then you know instantly what you have to do to get it. (More exercise) if you have no goal, and you have to work hard, what is the point in wasting energy on this pointless thing, there is no reason, no purpose, just frustration. By having a direction you can evaluate that this is going to pay off in the long run. Then it becomes worthwhile, so we are glad to do it.

This is why the greats are so great. They see what they want and all things in the way are worthwhile, because it is getting them closer to their goals.

If you have a strong mind, everything else falls into placHealth starts in the mind.e. If you have a clear focus, your body knows what it has to do to get you where you need to go. Your mind is the captain of the ship. You are the captain of your destiny.

Think Great, Eat Great, Feel Great!

What do you choose today?

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