Setting Goals The Right Way!

What you want is who you want to become.

But it’s very important you set this up right.

Too many people set goals for themselves that actually work against them. I want to be Being rich is a state of by September 11th 2015. This goals is driven by pain. I don’t have enough money now, so I want to be rich. You can almost feel the reaction, it’s like a pull back from a hot stove. It is vague, even if this person made a million, what is rich? What people want is feelings I want to be happy, that is what this person is really saying. Which is driven by, I’m not happy, I have too many bills to pay.

When we start to listen to our words, and listen to the deeper meanings of them, we start to see how we have been working against ourselves. Do you think that this person who wants to be rich is motivating himself by saying I want to be rich, I want to be rich, I want to be rich? Or is he beating himself up by saying I’m poor, I’m poor, I’m poor. Can you see this pattern in people you know?

What about people who want to be successful?

Or Skinny

Or lose weight

What are these people really saying to themselves?

The funniest of them all is “I have to be more positive”, “I have to be more positive”. What is this really saying? does it feel good, does it feel positive?

How many people do you know who are tortured by what they are saying to themselves? Are you one of these people?Torturing yourself

Let’s break the cycle of pain. Let’s go from being reactive to proactive.

What can you do now, to improve your wealth?

What can you do now, to improve your health?

What can you do now, to improve your fitness?

What can you do now, to improve your attitude?

How do these statements make you feel? Do you feel empowered? Why is that? Is it because these questions assume you can do something?

Can you feel the difference in how the language makes you feel?

What would happen if you only focused on what you can improve? Would you make more progress easily? Would it be more rewarding? Would you feel better about yourself? would you be working with yourself instead of against?

Let’s set an effective health goal.

The old way would have been. I want to lose weight by September 30th… so I have to starve myself until then. Does this feel nice? does this motivate you? Or are you like me and feeling tightness in your chest at the thoughts of it.

Now the effective way.

What do you really want in life? Do you want to be skinny? So people will accept you so that you will like yourself? Will people like you if your sick miserable and unhealthy? Will you like yourself, if you are sick miserable and unhealthy? But your skinny right? 😉Skinny and unhealthy

Or do you want to be the best you, you can be? Full of energy enthusiasm, vitality and light. That loves life, themselves, and everyone around them, because they feel so good every day?

Which sounds better to you?

What can you do now to move towards that goal? I hope you’re not saying stop eating shit food? Does that feel good to you? No? Does it feel like your criticizing yourself? Well then it’s not supporting you. What would happen if you said I can eat more veg today? How does that statement feel to you? Is it better? is it focused on what will actually make you healthy?

What would happen if you completely ignored the negative stuff and just started eating Great foodgreat food and exercising? What would happen if you just started being nice to yourself and supporting yourself?

Do you want to become a person who loves them self fully and feels amazing all the time.

I think that is a pretty awesome goal.

Can you start moving towards that now?






Health starts in the mind.

Healthy Brain

Healthy BrainThe Health starts in the mind model, is the complete model of health? It is a process not a band-aid. We do not focus on getting healthy for a specific date, we focus one developing a LIFE full of vitality and enthusiasm.

Like everything in life, you have to think about it, before you get it. Health is no different. You have to think about what you want for yourself, and how you want to feel, so you can then put in place the steps, to get it.

To many people have no direction in life, and are just bouncing from one pain to another, I have to pay my bills, so I have to get a job, I hate my job because it’s not what I like,  I decided to do it because I had to pay bills. So to get out of that pain loop people take drugs like sugar, sugar-needlechocolate, caffeine, and alcohol. which rob even more energy from your life. So then they end up doing the bare minimum, to get by. Which is just existing. Who would want to put effort into that sort of life?

We want to get people focused on having Fucking Awesome lives. Lives where each day has meaning and a purpose. When you have meaning and purpose you want to make that happen more and more. You quickly realise you want more energy, to work better, and do better.

However most people are focused on the wrong things. They want to be skinny, they don’t have enough money, they have to get up early to go to a job they hate. Pain, pain, pain, demotivate, demotivate, demotivate.

When you are focused on the right things, like having a great life, you create energy. I’m getting healthier and healthier every day. I’m growing my finances every day. I love what I do, so I’m getting up earlier to do it. Energy and enthusiasm starts to flow when you start focusing on the right things. You do not need will power to make them happen because you want to do them.focus

Can you now see how changing your focus creates the direction you want to go. Then gradually day by day, you will start moving towards your ideal life. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have now. Start empowering yourself with what you are doing now, or can do now. Can you think about the life you want to start building now? The way you want to start feeling now? How would thinking about what you’re going to build, make you feel now? Would it motivate you to eat better and do better?

Health starts in the mind. What you focus on grows, if you focus on the wrong thing you will get more of it. If you focus on the right things, you get more of it.

Listen to these two statements, say them out loud, and think about how they make you feel.

  1. I want to be healthy? What is that really saying? Is it building you up or tearing you down? Is it a criticism? Is it actually saying “I’m not healthy”? I have to get healthy because I’m a mess?Socrates
  2. How does this one sound “I’m getting healthier”? It automatically assumes your healthy (you’re not dead I hope?) you have to have some level of health to be able to read this post. So does it build on where you’re at? does that statement value you, and the efforts you have put in before now? Does it see you as completely capable of being a fully vibrant person? Does it build your confidence, energy and enthusiasm? I’m getting healthier is a true statement because your body and you are always working to be better.

So how we talk to ourselves (thoughts) create our reality. Once you set them up right everything flows from there.

How are you going to start thinking (talking) about yourself? Are you going to start building yourself up, or tearing yourself down now?

The switch to turning on the most awesome life ever is in your mind. You have all the power in the world to make whatever awesome life you want to happen, happen.We_Are_Limitless

I hope you are as excited as I am with the limitless possibilities that are out there.

When you think great, you feel great, then you do great


Gaining Clarity is the most important step.

Work Ethic

clarity The most important thing in life is a direction. When we have a direction, we see the progress we are making, and we feel successful.

The hardest thing you will ever do is define the direction you want to go in.

Most people are reacting to what they do not want. They do not want to be poor, so they work to get away from that pain. Most people do not want to be sick, so they do the bare minimum so that they do not get sick. That again is the pain controlling the direction they are moving in.

I am talking about making a shift from pain to pleasure. What would happen if you decided to start feeling awesome? How would your thinking change what sort of questions would you ask yourself? What sort of conversations would you be having with your friends?

I want the FUCKING best of everything!!!! Why because I’m alive and that is all you need to deserve the best. You exist so there for you can have everything!! I want to leave this earth in a screaming blaze of glory! I do not want to be sitting in a hospital bed shitting my self with regrets.

apologies about the language but this has to be hammered you-deserve-the-best-home. You deserve the best, the best health, the best life, the best business, the best of everything. For no other reason than your alive.

Got it? Good.

But what is the best? The best is different for every one and gaining clarity on what we really want is quite difficult. I was lucky when I was twenty I got to see a superstar dj, and I decided that this was what I wanted to do. But when I hit 30 my values changed, and I did not want to dj any more.

The second time around I did not have any direction, I was lost frustrated, and going around in circles. I got depressed and sick, relay sick. I had to do something different, so I started doing courses in stuff I was vaguely interested in, just to start ticking off boxes. just so i could break the cycle. Gradually bit by bit my interests got defined, but I still had no direction I was still just trying out stuff. I was still lost.

It took me 7 years to finally start honing in on what I wanted to do. But ultimately what it came down to was a few questions I asked myself.

  1. Who do I respect? This could be any one, parent, business people, famous people, it doesn’t matter you respect them for a reason.

Mine are Rob Dyrdek, Richard Branson, and Arnold     Schwarzenegger.

This question gets you thinking about who you want to become. In a general sense.

  1. Why do you like them?Rob Dyrdek Fun and Business

Rob, has fun with everything he does. He is highly creative, a entrepreneur and he is a bit mad.

Richard, has a global Richard Branson Adventurebrand that is based in respect and value. He has great fun trying new things, and goes on adventures.

Arnold, his work Work Ethicethic, focus amazed me, also his fitness levels and body.

This question gets you thinking about what values you have. What you respect, and you will start finding a common thread between them all.  It will get you out of your limitations into a more limitless way of thinking.

  1. How can you add value to these people knowing what you know now?

This gives you ideas on where your path may be. If you write out one idea for each person then you can find the common thread between the three and that is the direction you want to go most.

It may not be the exact thing but it will be really really close.

  1. Finally. What one step can I take now, to move me closer to that goal, or gain me greater clarity?

Once you get clarity you get direction once you get direction you get energy. What a friend of mine says. Where your attention goes, your energy flows, and results show.clarity_display

Let me know how you get on, maybe we can refine it further.

As always best of luck.

When you think great, you eat great, then you feel great!

Think Great, Eat Great, Feel Great!

The title to this post says it all, in the most simple way.

You have a choice in life and only one choice in life. All other things are results of this one choice.

You can choose to look at the dark side, or choose to look at the light.

If you choose to focus on what you don’t want. I don’t want to be fat, tired, stressed, or any number of other ailments. How does that make you feel? Fat tired and stressed? Frustrated for definite. Did your energy go up or down as you read out those statements?

energy_healing_boostWhat would happen if you chose to focus on what you ACTUALLY want? Happiness, Joy, enthusiasm, energy, vitality, health? How does even reading these words make you feel? I’m sure it’s more energized.

We are in a river, a river that is running in the direction we do not want to go. All the people around us talk about what they don’t, want what they don’t like, what they hate, what frustrates them! They are going with the flow. They do not know what they want, so there is no direction in life. When you have no direction, you’re lost! At the mercy of the world around you. If somebody says something, you have no comparison to gauge if it’s right, for you, or not. You have no way of telling if it can get you closer to happiness, or not. Everything then becomes frustrating, everything becomes a problem, they then become dis-empowered and lose hope.  Doom and gloom.

We are about to make a decision to only talk about what we want, because it energizes us, it gives us a direction, a course through all the challenges in life, that make us stronger swimmers. It gives us a tool to be able to decide if something is worthwhile or not. If you have a goal of getting fit. Then you know instantly what you have to do to get it. (More exercise) if you have no goal, and you have to work hard, what is the point in wasting energy on this pointless thing, there is no reason, no purpose, just frustration. By having a direction you can evaluate that this is going to pay off in the long run. Then it becomes worthwhile, so we are glad to do it.

This is why the greats are so great. They see what they want and all things in the way are worthwhile, because it is getting them closer to their goals.

If you have a strong mind, everything else falls into placHealth starts in the mind.e. If you have a clear focus, your body knows what it has to do to get you where you need to go. Your mind is the captain of the ship. You are the captain of your destiny.

Think Great, Eat Great, Feel Great!

What do you choose today?