Frustration to freedom.

This week as things changed for me. I got a bit lost and the momentum went. The enthusiasm evaporated, and frustration set in.

How many times have you sat at your desk with your head in your hands trying to figure out your next step? Maybe a big problem has arisen and you’re unsure what to do. You get this churn in your stomach and chest and you feel stuck blank and lost. I’m sure if you’re anything like me it has happened to many times.Frustration-sign-600x600

What now? You’re just caught in a cycle. I don’t know what to do, and I’ve no way of digging myself out of this.

I hope you’re feeling the feelings now (I am) because I’ve been very manipulative in my wording. I want you to just realize that if I can make you feel them just by writing about them what are they really.

More and more I’m becoming grateful for these hardships, because they are like lifting weights the more you do the easier it gets. I’ve noticed a marked increase, in how quickly I can adjust my attitude now, in comparison to years ago. I notice quicker what is going on in me, and I have a number of things I can do to get those feelings moving again.

This situation is challenging to get out of because the feeling of stuckedness actually keeps your brain stressed and unable to think about what you’d actually want to do. It inhibits the imagination because you just want to get rid of the feeling, not day dream about your future and enjoyment.

If I can make you feel stuck and frustrated just by using a few words what is causing that feeling?

Essentially it’s your thoughts, your association with what I’m talking about, and you using past experiences to make that real now.

What would happen if you decided to use the exact same mechanism against its self? What would happen if you started using words that empowered you, instead of saying “stuck” you said “I’ve to get something moving in me, to get a different emotion”, a more resourceful emotion?Frustration to freedom

What happened for me is I got suck. I felt disconnected from my goals and I knew it. But I focused on the feeling (stuckedness) and got more frustrated. As soon as I used the correct language I started to feel great again. I started to say “I want to connect with my goals” “what can I do, to do that”? So I listened to really fast music and went for a walk thinking about my next step. Rather than saying what do I want? This is too big, and vague, I asked what do I want next in my life. It’s amazing how just those few extra words changed everything for me. They gave me greater clarity.

The next thing in my life is a new apartment in a very prestigious apartment block in the city center. I am excited, because I will literally be moving up in the world. Even if it’s only a few flights of stairs. Ha ha.

Let me know what you think, how this effected you, and what you do, to get you going again.

The only thing between you and success are the words you use.

WordsImagine we started using more effective language regarding processing our problems. Instead of saying “I have no money” we said something like “how can I get more money”.

How do those two statements feel to you? “I have no money” is true but it has no way out. No way of letting your imagination (energy) flow, to get you to your solution.

How does saying “How can I get more money” feel? It instantly assumes there is a path (flow of energy) towards what you want.

What happens when you use even more effective words? “What ways can I get more money”?spiritualpaths

How does the third version feel to you?

What other words can you use to get you to where you want to go?

What you actually want.

In my last post I talked about setting goals, and using day dreams to expand your horizon. How by setting big goals, we expand our thinking beyond where it is at the moment, and in turn that changes how we view this moment.

We set big goals. But by their very nature they are unattainable without small goals. We set top down goals then bottom up goals and somewhere in the middle, they meet.

I left out one important thing in all this. How do we define what we actually want? This has been one of the hardest things for me to figure out, and I’m guessing you are similar.

Amazingly this is a difficult thing to do by its very nature. Because we see the results of desires not the desires themselves.

Ferrai and Model

Well what we actually want is not a thing, but a way of being. We see things like Ferrari’s with smiling models, and we can connect with the fun of driving one of them. We say that’s what I want!  But that is not what you want, that represents what you actually want.

Ask yourself if I had boat loads of money and was able to get every THING, what would I actually want then? cars boats and houses become boring after a while.

Would you want Success? If you go back to the Ferrari and the model, I said that it wasn’t what they were that you wanted, it was what they represented, is actually what you wanted, and yes that is success, but what is success? Success is always, at the core of it, happiness. Soooooooo after you had everything. What would actually make you happy? Consistently day by day?

I will simplify things for you. We only ever want one thing, but we want it in millions of ways. We want to add value to the world. We want to make a difference, we want to contribute to either people or the planet. Be of benefit in some way. Now how you do that is up to you. But you can do that NOW, you don’t need millions, or maybe you will make millions as a by-product of helping people?

All businesses make peoples lives better, in some way. All jobs make businesses work better, to serve people in some way.

How can you add value to the world? What do you do now that is fun for you?e392c307d038953654b7b88a6110669b

One other thing is that we add that value (service) by being ourselves to the best of our abilities. Imagine if you were happy all the time, how would that affect your friends and family? Would it make them happier? Or at least you more tolerable. Ha ha.

Your purpose is to be the best you, you can be, because that literally changes the world, one person at a time.

What you actually want, is who you want to be, and that starts here and now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and your head isn’t too fried. But that is part of learning.  Constantly growing and stretching.

I’d love to read what you think about this post.

Have an awesome day.

Expanded goals
visualizing big goals stretches your current reality just like an inflated balloon will never return back to its original state.


I see goals like balloons. When you stretch your imagination and then deflate back to reality, just like a balloon it will never be quite the same shape again.

When we dream and push the boundaries of our understanding, we are at the exact same time stretching our perceptions of our current reality.

1. The BIG down.

Years ago now, I was lucky enough to have a daydream, that stretched my imagination. I dreamt what it would be like to win the lotto and have $120,000,000.

I initially dreamt of travelling and partying in all the coolest places in the world, with all the best toys. Then I realised that I’d soon get bored of that. Once you have a Ferrari you kinda loose the desire to have a Ferrari, you move on to the next thing.Dream Big

I started thinking beyond just having nice things and socialising, to what would actually be fun or be of value to the world.

I could give my money away. But that is only a short term solution.

How could I make an actual difference to the world? How could I make the world a better place?

Global warming was a big news then. I thought how could I put my money to good use, and help save the planet. There is no bigger goal than that right?

I quickly realised that $120,000,000 wasn’t going to cut it. I needed more!!! I realised that I could invest it. Get a nice return and grow my fund. I could use a bit of the gains to buy up rainforest systematically (or used up land and replant) and that would start the trees sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Year on year I’d buy more land and after a generation or two I’d be able to put the world right.images (1)

Then reality kicked in. I was broke in a new country and struggling to survive. But this idea never left me.

Because my mentality had been expanded, to investing in companies, and saving the world. Something had changed in me. I realised that I could actually do it. The only challenge was to get $120,000,000

I had set my big goal but there was no way to get there. No path not even the remotest idea of where to begin.

But in that challenge the answer was there. Where do I begin?

2.The small up.Goals-big-and-small

I was immensely lucky, the job I had at the time was a 9 to 6 or 7 sales job. Which I hated. Not because of the job, it was just the fact I had to be somewhere between 9 and 6 every day. No freedom. (I actually work way more hours now)

In that challenge I knew I had to get a better job. But one that got me lots more money and freedom.

My first small goal was set. I want better, because here is not what I want.

I hope you’re seeing a bit of a pattern here. There are top down goals and bottom up goals. And somewhere in the middle they meet.

The big goals direct the small goals, and the small goals are always only one step beyond where you currently are.

My small goals where literally I want better, I better start looking around for something better.

Over the coming weeks I will be expanding on goal setting and getting into the specific’s, emotions, visualizing a attraction.

Please let me know what you would do with $120,000,000?images