Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a state.


You can be happy all the time.

Imagine you lost a leg in an accident. Instantly you go that’s bad, but because everything can be interpreted any way we like we can actively look for the positive in the situation. Maybe you get financial aid for the rest of your life, now you can’t get conscripted to the army, now you get the best parking spaces, and people become more respectful.As you grow your awareness you become less attached to things and outcomes. You stop defining them as good or bad you realise that they are just what they are.

Now I agree I would never give up my leg for any of these things. But what if that accident woke you up to life and you stated living life to its fullest. Over time you would start to appreciate that accident.

We have all heard this story before and we have all heard the opposite story where someone blames the accident for everything that has gone wrong in their life.

We get what we decide to look for. Be that good or bad in every situation. But in reality the accident was just an accident it was just a thing that happened like bouncing a ball. It wasn’t good or bad it was just what we attached to it that made it that way. Dogs love bouncing balls because they attach something positive to them. We probably couldn’t care less.

By knowing this we become un-attached to the thing or the outcome we know it is neither good or bad it is just what it is.

Be Happy

Now happiness becomes a choice. We can choose how we feel at all times. We can SEE the negative, but still be happy because the external world does not define our internal world.

What do you choose to be?