Being Broke Kills the Imagination. Day 5

Day 5 of my 30 day blogging challenge.

The perfect day exercise, threw up more surprises that one expected.

Two really big things came out of doing this exercise.

1. I realised that being broke or in debt is a feeling that holds your imagination back. think

Over the past few years I’ve been in college, so I haven’t had a lot of cash to really plan out anything. So gradually bit by bit, I’ve stopped looking forward with excitement and actually I’ve gone the other way. I’ve started looking forward with trepidation because, I would be worrying about how am I going to pay for this, or that. Actually I’ve stopped planning or imagining fun stuff because of money. I’m really surprised to see this, as in the past I would have been very spontaneous and I had always seen myself this way. It is a bit of a painful eye opener to see that gradually I’ve regressed into a poverty mentality.

I am quite lucky to have had experiences in the past where I did have a lot of financial freedom. If i did not have those experiences in the past i probably would not have realised the difference between my thinking now and then. It would have been normal for me to think this way so why would I challenge the thought.

That realisation really got me in the gut. It was a real deep fearful feeling of oh S@**t I could have been stuck with that mentality without ever knowing any better.

The funny thing is I have plenty of money to do what I want, I blow loads of small cash on junk. I just developed the mentality of I don’t have enough. Total poverty mentality. All I need to do is decide on a thing I want to do in the future and keep track of my daily spending until I get it.

2. It takes effort to break out of it.

The moment I read the exercise, I instantly thought, I don’t really like anything enough to put into a perfect day. How limiting is that mentality. What it was really saying is, I don’t have the money to do what I want to do, so I won’t think about it for fear of feeling unhappy with my situation.

If I’d have taken those thoughts at face value, I would have done nothing. Luckily I wanted to finish this 30 day challenge, so I thought to write down anything I liked at all, maybe I’ll come up with some stuff.

Through writing down anything and everything I like, I soon realised that I was holding myself back, from having more fun in my life.

I was blinded by the belief that I had no money, to get what I want. How many people are blinded by this very thing? Only by taking the time and putting in the effort into this exercise did I get to see this belief.

This exercise also confirmed another idea I’ve been brewing for a while. It is only through action that you can progress. Only by doing this exercise did I get to see this belief. If I just went with my initial thoughts, I would not be writing this post, I would have quit. Only by getting the task down on paper, did it become obvious that I had an issue, that I needed to be resolved.

Action solves all problems. (Eventually)

The big lesson I’ve learned from this, is that I’ve to become a lot more conscious of my spending and start planning for a more exciting future.track-money-online

A perfect day for me would be waking up with purpose, feeling energised @ 6 or 7 in the morning. I’d wake up with excitement for the day, because, I know, I have a lot of great things planned. First I will read my goals and get pumped, I’ll write a blog post and send it out, I’ll look at the stats on my blog for the previous day and see that my blog has grown. I’ll read a few comments that where left and get a great feeling that I’m making a difference to a few people’s lives. I’ll finish up my blogging and business building tasks by 12. Knowing that I’ve added something good too the world.

In the afternoon I’ll be meeting up with a friend to go for a hike or a cycle in the mountains, to take advantage of this beautiful sun. My friend, who is as equally as ambitious as me, feed off each other’s enthusiasm for life and come away from the experience energised and


looking forward to our next adventures.

In the evening, I will be planning my trip to India where I will be doing a lot of exploration as well as self exploration. india_culture 

If this post sparks any thoughts feel free to leave some comments.


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