From abysmal failure rises, Blog Challenge Number 2

This is my second attempt at this 7 day challenge which I’m actually really grateful for.

As the saying goes no body fails only their plans and tactics do. Mine definitely did, so here I go with my excuses. First and foremost, I lost sight of the target and as a result I lost the momentum.

This time around I’m going to have my head on a bit better and set a goal for this 30 day challenge.failure

This is the most important bit, read my goal every morning and every evening and have a bit of a fantasise about it. Now that I’m saying this it’s reminding me of the book “Think and Grow Rich”. Great book! Read it!!! Essentially it teaches you how to keep your emotional energy high for the achievement of goals.

Excuse number 2. I’m also late starting this challenge. One of the big things that distracted me over the past 5 weeks, or so, since I dropped the first challenge, is that my Mam broke her hand, so I’ve been running around after her. So the cast should be off her hand in a week which will free me up for the rest of this challenge. So all guns will be blazing and I’ll be getting my posts oot daily.

Why I started this blog and this challenge. Nice and simple, I’ve over come some of the biggest challenges in life. That sounds grandiose, but believe it or not they all boil down to one thing, a feeling of lack, which leads to poor self belief and poor self esteem.

Through years of personal development, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and I can see a lot of similarities between the shit I went through and what a lot of other people are going through now. So hopefully I can get a bit of a conversation going, generate some ideas and hopefully help some people have an easier and more enthusiastic life.

So my goal and my plan for this new adventure in blogging, is keep life simple while I’m doing it.


Because I’m really enthusiastic about everything, I’m worse than a dog chasing a laser beam. So the plan is to keep focused on this blog challenge and do my daily routine without overloading myself with too many other sparkly things. KISS 😉
Even writing this is making me excited for day two and I can feel the momentum building.To keep on target I’ll be reading my goals and maybe writing them each morning and night. This will keep me laser focused not focused on a moving laser. Yeoo.

I’m excited for tomorrow because I’ll have an opportunity to catch up on the day I missed and be back up the front of the class.

Wish me luck.

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