Everything is bullshit, this is the start of happiness.

Everything you have learned is a lie. Boom! No the world is falling apart.

This is actually a great thing, which you will see.

Imagine 1+1 =2 right? Two of what though? The numbers are actually just images / symbols that represent something. Just like a photo of you isn’t you, it is just a representation of you. But in this case the 1+1 = 2, what is that two of, it is actually nothing, in this case. It is a concept which isn’t actually anything, it is just a thought pattern. By it being a thought pattern, who is to say that it cannot be interpreted any way we want?

Let me explain. We only agree that the symbol 1 represents one item, what if we all agreed it actually meant two and two became one, so now in our new model 1+1=4, easy peasy the world has been flipped upside down.

What does this have to do with lying? Well if 1 is just a symbol it is not the thing it represents, so it is not the truth.

So what! I hear you say. What has that to do with bullshit and happiness? Well every letter is a symbol too and every word and so is every sentence that has ever been written or said. Each sound out of some ones mouth is only a sound, but we attach meaning to it and then it becomes something. But the sound is not the thing and neither is the meaning that the person has in their head, it is just an idea in their head, a neurological pattern.

If you think about a banana, the image you have in your head is not the banana, so when we say the word banana the meaning is twice removed from the reality of the original item. What if that person was lied to their whole life and told an apple is actually a banana. We would then believe that the person was talking about a banana, even though they had the image of an apple in their mind. Mad or what?

Hopefully this is getting you thinking, what can I actually believe? Here is some good news this is the point where awareness starts to develop. You start to question everything. Not in a bad way but you start to listen a bit more intently, you start to clarify peoples statements a bit more, to fully understand what they are talking about is the same thing as you. You may ask the person who was talking about the banana, what colour it is and what shape. You have more options now when someone says something, you don’t have to take it as the truth, just because you don’t know.

I love this. I love questioning things, because at this point you start to build your own self belief and confidence. You start to trust yourself; you evaluate everything by your own experience. If you do not know something you go and get your own experience of it, so that you know without a doubt what it really is.

To simplify things a bit more, everything that is not your experience is not real, it is just a symbol or someone else’s opinion on someone else’s experience, which is ultimately not the truth / reality. It is the truth as they see it, but not as you see it.

Only the only truth is in your head, it is true for you, but not for any one else.

Now to kick things up a notch. Let’s imagine a situation that nobody wants to experience. You have a car crash. How you interpret this is completely up to you, now. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We have all heard of people who have had accidents and they have ruined their lives. But equally we have all heard of people who have had accidents that have changed their life for the better. They start to appreciate their lives more and start to live life to the full and so on you know the story.

How we perceive the world around us is completely up to us. What experiences we have we decide if they are god or bad at every moment.

So if every-thing we are told are just symbols and we can interpret those symbols any way we want, we then create our own experience of reality. This is awareness; this is our ability to choose at any moment to be happy or sad.

Imagine tomorrow you hear the news saying the government is increasing taxes. You have the choice to react to that and say this is terrible the world is falling apart, or you can say I’m going to do something about it. One choice will make you feel bad and powerless. The other will make you feel empowered. Or maybe you will just say, fuck it, I’m not going to let that ruin my day and go for a nice walk. Either way you now have the choice.

Do you feel disturbed that everything you may have learned in life is a lie, that you are being lied to all day every day? Or do you feel empowered to create your own happiness, to develop your own awareness and as a by-product make other people happy?

I came to this realisation one day watching some women’s makeup advert, it quickly became one of my favourite things and also through repetition the most painful thing to watch on TV. Just imagine the scene, some beautiful lady and then it says up to 400% better than the previous model. We all say wow that’s amazing 400%, that must be the greatest thing ever. Well actually how shit was the original one? 400% better than shit is still shit. I laughed, then instantly seen another one that went like this, 9 out of ten people love this new conditioner. It does not say that the 9 people who love it are idiots and the only one you should listen to is the 10th who hated it. Ha ha ha.

I quickly came to the conclusion that all studies and I mean all studies are biased. People / scientists do not go out to prove themselves wrong; they create the study to prove that they are right. That goes for all studies, 100% of them.

In the adverts they are telling the truth but not the whole truth, they are only telling the public the bit of truth that sells whatever product. They do not give a balanced or the whole view on the item. They say this is 400% better, but whole picture is, because we had to re do the product, because it wasn’t selling and burning people’s faces.

All this goes for the NEWS also. The news is there to sell advertising, so they blow each story out of all proportion to the point it is not true. Or they are just telling you one side of the story, that suites them.

All these lies are actually empowering. It means, to me anyway, that I do not have to listen to bullshit, because I now know there is a bigger story to what that person is telling me and that is only their opinion at this very moment, so it may change. It allows me to look for the good in every situation.

I most definitely do not listen to the news anymore as all of it is lies and misery just to sell adverts. I’d prefer to look for the good in the world and make up my own mind thank you very much.

I do not listen to moaners and wingers anymore for all the same reasons. If you want to do something about the bad weather, I’ll definitely give you a hand, but if you’re just going to moan about it I don’t really want to know.

I choose to look for the good in life now and create my own happy story of what I experience. Because that is 100% true for me.

I would love to know what you think about this, as this as it is really a mind bender. How will this make tomorrow better for you? What is your version of my truth?