Would you like to treat every day, as if it was an exciting adventure?

I had a bit of an insight into how the Dhali Lama must think, or one of those monks. Well people who are truely aware.

We make assumptions based on our past experiences. That is logical right? If it happened before it will happen again right? That is the foundatiin of our educatiin system. Learn this repeat it there.

Well actually, it is completely wrong.

Every moment is completely new. We go to work in the same building every day, it’s the same right? Well thousands of tiny changes have happened and will happen, each day, that make it a completely new experience. You may be wearing a new tie for variety. Some people comment on it that you never spoke to before and you end up making new friends.
So work may be similar to yesterday, but it is still new, so therefore it should be treated that way.

We have all been in the situation where we got into a heated conversation, because we made an assumption about something, only to realise that it was wrong and then we had to apologise.

Imagine now for a second that you treated every situation like it was completely 100% new. Imagine you are on holidays, in a new country. You would pay attention to everything, your eyes would be open wide, you would be listening to everything, trying to make a clear picture of your situation. When talking to people you would clarify every thing they say, you wouldn’t make any assumptions because you may make the wrong one. Basically, you try to take in as much information as possible, so you can be as flexible as possible. You keep updating your info, so you can flow through the holiday as easily as possible.

When we make assumptions we become rigid we become lazy, we stop listening because we don’t need to, we know everything already, we stop being flexible. How do you feel when you know someone isn’t listening? This is where all the mistakes and arguements happen.

When you treat every moment as a new holiday, your life flows with amazement. This must be how the monks treat life, every moment is a completely new experience. How amazing would your life be if you went on an amazing holiday adventure every day.

My challenge to you and myself today, is to find amazement in something that I have done before. Maybe its just going to be tasting my breakfast, that I usually shovel into my mouth. Maybe its going to be feeling the water of my shower on my body. What ever it is its goig to be new and I love new. šŸ™‚

I’d love hear your experience.

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