Would you like to treat every day, as if it was an exciting adventure?

I had a bit of an insight into how the Dhali Lama must think, or one of those monks. Well people who are truely aware.

We make assumptions based on our past experiences. That is logical right? If it happened before it will happen again right? That is the foundatiin of our educatiin system. Learn this repeat it there.

Well actually, it is completely wrong.

Every moment is completely new. We go to work in the same building every day, it’s the same right? Well thousands of tiny changes have happened and will happen, each day, that make it a completely new experience. You may be wearing a new tie for variety. Some people comment on it that you never spoke to before and you end up making new friends.
So work may be similar to yesterday, but it is still new, so therefore it should be treated that way.

We have all been in the situation where we got into a heated conversation, because we made an assumption about something, only to realise that it was wrong and then we had to apologise.

Imagine now for a second that you treated every situation like it was completely 100% new. Imagine you are on holidays, in a new country. You would pay attention to everything, your eyes would be open wide, you would be listening to everything, trying to make a clear picture of your situation. When talking to people you would clarify every thing they say, you wouldn’t make any assumptions because you may make the wrong one. Basically, you try to take in as much information as possible, so you can be as flexible as possible. You keep updating your info, so you can flow through the holiday as easily as possible.

When we make assumptions we become rigid we become lazy, we stop listening because we don’t need to, we know everything already, we stop being flexible. How do you feel when you know someone isn’t listening? This is where all the mistakes and arguements happen.

When you treat every moment as a new holiday, your life flows with amazement. This must be how the monks treat life, every moment is a completely new experience. How amazing would your life be if you went on an amazing holiday adventure every day.

My challenge to you and myself today, is to find amazement in something that I have done before. Maybe its just going to be tasting my breakfast, that I usually shovel into my mouth. Maybe its going to be feeling the water of my shower on my body. What ever it is its goig to be new and I love new. 🙂

I’d love hear your experience.

There are no such thing as facts!!!

This is a realisation I had this morning, it has been brewing for a long time but it finally came together.

It is a complex one and has a lot to it. But if you stick with it I guarantee it will blow your mind as it did mine.


There are a number of parts to this so each one is a biggie in understanding the world around us.

Here we go!!! There are no such things as facts? Boom! Told you it’s a biggie. That’s a fact! Well is it. What is a fact?

Fact: according to the dictionary: A thing that is indisputably the case.

Well let’s look at something we all are familiar with. A table is a table is a table, right. Or is it a chunk of wood or is it a bunch of atoms. What actually makes it a table instead of a bed? Well what makes it a table, instead of a bed, is the meaning we put on it. But that meaning is completely flexible depending on our mood. This morning it is a table, I put my glass on it, but now that I am completely dunk, it is going to be my bed. Ha ha. You see what I mean. To go a step further, to someone it might be a piece of art and to someone else it may symbolise something like freedom, freedom from their parents, having their own coffee table that they are allowed put their feet on.

Back to facts: according to the dictionaries definition of facts we need to find something that is indisputable and everything is disputable, because it is US! That are experiencing it, so there for it only has meaning in our heads / minds and that meaning is completely flexible.

You could argue that, that is only describing perception, our own individual experience of the table. It’s a table for other people too right?

That other person’s perception of that table is completely different also. If you asked that person to tell you how rough that table were, they would give you an answer based on how rough they thought it to be.

Imagine it yourself how rough is the surface in front of you. Are you feeling it with your hands or are you looking at it with your eyes? are you doing both now that I asked you the extra question. Have you ever thought of the surface in front of you before? Did how rough that surface was, ever enter into your mind before. Like most people, we have better things to do than go around feeling how rough stuff is, for no particular reason. So because we have never thought about it before, essentially that information has never existed in our mind. We just brought it into our individual realities.

The whole time did you notice how smooth it was? My guess is that you where so busy thinking about the roughness, that you completely missed the smoothness. Now feel for both. Has your initial estimation of the surface changed? I’m guessing it has, so now we are bringing stuff in to our realities and changing them.Rough table relaity

What if the other person was asked to feel the same surface in the exact same way? Would that person have the same experience? I’m sure you know the answer to this already. But this is the surprise it will actually be a completely different experience. If that person feels with his left hand or his right hand depending on which hand he / she uses it will be different. There are more nerve endings in your dominant hand, so depending on which hand you will get more or less feedback. Also the time has changed and the temperature too. Maybe even the temperature of your hand has made all the difference. Nuts right. Their world is completely different to your world.

That is the internal experiences of reality. I’m sure you are with me and realising now that there is no such thing as facts, because everything is an individual experience.

So what about external things? Surely there is a table in front of you that your computer is on. That table in front of you is changing all the time, every second of the day, every day of the year and so on and on. Everything is in flux everything is a liquid everything is energy.

Imagine putting down a glass on your table. The friction between the glass and the table rub a few atoms off the table. Imagine putting a glass down 1000 times in the same place. You won’t be long about wearing a hole in the table. If it is a wood table depending on how much humidity and heat in the room, your table gets bigger and smaller, absorbs more water and then less. If you give it long enough the table will wear into a stump of dust. So even the outside world is changing all the time that table is not the exact same table as it was yesterday. It’s missing a bit or it’s gained some stains. It is not the same so it is different it has changed.


If you give everything enough time it will change. That’s a fact! Is it? What is time? Again time is relative. Time is the passing of hands over a clock face, based off the earth going around the sun. Why is it not the moon? Just some one decide that it was going to be the sun so we all agreed and that is how we got the 24 hour clock. The French tried to make time metric it didn’t stick.

As Einstein explained in his theory of relativity that time, like experience, is relative. It is unique to the individual. The faster an object moves the slower time is and vice versa.  If I’m a jet fighter travelling at mad speeds, time goes slower for me than you.

So everything is unique to us, our experience of this world and also the time we are in. There are no facts only our individual interpretation of the world and that world is changing all the time.

Soooo what! I hear you say. That was a good thought experiment, but what does that mean for me.

Well if there is no such thing as facts, that calls into question everything we believe and I mean everything.

Think about this for a second…… this is big shit….. What if everything you believe is different to what you believe? Do you believe you are no good at something’s, how did you make that assumption, are you good at something’s, how did you make that assumption.

One day I was in the gym. The training I do is very difficult; when the gym instructors do their workouts, I do it with them. So you can imagine it’s quite intense. One day a young lad joined in and he was a bit over weight. When he compared himself to us he didn’t do too well, to be honest. He was feeling a bit down and embarrassed, as most of us would be, at our faults being shown up.  But that is not the full picture. If he compared himself a bit more effectively to suit his situation, he would have felt completely different. (Which he did in the end) I drew a different picture for him. I asked him how many people in Ireland actually go to the gym. He said I don’t know. I pointed out that probably 10% of the population go to the gym. I pointed out that if he looks at Ireland as a whole, he is in the top 10% of the fittest people in Ireland. That is a pretty cool accomplishment. Now to get into the top 9% of people I’d have to do twice as much work as I’m doing now ha ha. But it’s true.


In each moment we can have a positive outlook, or a negative one and this is always. We can interpret anything any way we want.

So what about all those past failures you and I have had. They are all bull shit now! If something is painful in your past, think about it for a bit and turn it in to a positive experience. What did you learn from it? We can literally turn everything into a success. Actually I learnt that by failing on day 13 of a 14 day fast. I now view that as a success, I’ve never pushed myself so far before it was a real success for me.

Things are only a success or a failure depending on how we compare it. If you say it’s a failure, it is, or maybe you’re just comparing yourself wrongly. Did you go further than you ever did before or did you try something that you never tried before? I’d say that is a success. But if you compare yourself to the person who has been doing it for years you’re bound to feel bad. Get your comparisons to work with you get your interpretations of reality to work with you. You create your reality you create your successes you are wholly in charge of how you perceive life.

Take charge and rewrite everything and be the master of your world.

Told you this was a biggie. Best of luck.

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