Epic adventure.

I’ve been putting this post off for about two weeks now.

I’ve been working on myself, a lot, over the past few months.

I’ve had some serious issues with my health that have stopped me from doing a lot and also frustrated the hell out of me as you can imagine.

My energy has been terrible for the past few years, which kills motivation. Doctors would say its chronic fatigue and in the same breath, say there is nothing they can do for it, but I don’t accept that, because I’ve had some good days, so if I can have one I can have more.

When I figure it out and I’ll let you know my findings.

I’ve had this idea for the past few years and I can’t get it out of my head, it’s been eating away at me and I’m starting to take some action on it.

At the start I had utter disbelief that it was possible, but gradually bit by bit it has been coming together.

I’m still at the stage where it’s completely imaginary, but I am starting to see a path to it.

The idea is I want to have the most fun ever, I want to live the most epic adventure ever. I want to travel to all the exotic places, see the most amazing sites and of course meet the most amazing people. I want to go to Mt Kailash, Angkor watt, Thai land, Hawaii, you get the drift. However this isn’t really that nuts everyone wants to do that to some degree. What I want to do is buy a double decker coach and kit it out like a 5 star hotel and drive around the world. On top of that I want to be able to Dj out the side of it have my deck’s and speakers hanging out the side, so I can rock up to festivals and stomp it out.

As i said, its pretty nuts.20090508083418499

But this is where reality sets in. Because of health issues and as a result financial issues over the past few years I’ve been stuck in my parents’ house. But no more I’m pissed off with it and I’m starting to do something about it.

Little by little I’ll get there. I have my obstacles but I’ll overcome them.

I have a really good job offer on the table, which, even if It doesn’t happen, it show’s me I have the potential to do such a thing, Which in turn shows me, I can pretty much do or get anything I want.

First of all it’s my health I’ve put every penny I’ve earned over the past few years into trying to figure it out and I feel I’ve come to a point where I’ll be at the end of it pretty soon.

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