Winning the game of fitness (and everything else to boot)

Winning the game of fitness (and everything else to boot)

I can promise you this: if you read this full post you will have a new way of looking at the world. But this post isn’t going to be easy for all to read. So ask yourself am I the type of person who lets a few words me? Or are you going to be victorious over this post?

How do you see yourself? I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m unfit, I’m lazy, I eat too much, I have no will power, I hate life, I hate work I can’t stand myself or I’m fun, I’m out going, I’m fit, I’m full of energy, I’m crazy, I love life, I have fun every day, I eat really healthily, I’m getting healthier and healthier?

Did any of the above statements make you feel anything? If not read them again, if they did, what did they make you feel? Did they make you feel bad, or did they make you feel good? I told you this post may be a challenge. But it’s well worth it.

Did you notice how just these few words have power over you. Just a few words can make you feel bad or good? But they are only words, why are they so powerful?

What words do you say to yourself on a day to day basis? Do they make you feel good or bad? Do you ever listen to yourself? Have a think…………? Do you listen to the news and say to yourself on a day to day basis that the country is fucked, or do you complain about things. Or do you actively say to yourself, I’m great, I’m going to have a great day no matter what?

Have you noticed at this point that words control your emotions? I’m assuming that you have been on a mini rollercoaster of an emotional ride with this post. Why is it that, just a few words make you feel bad or good?

We have established that, what we say to ourselves on a day to day basis makes us feel good or makes us feel bad. Give it a go. What do you say to yourself that makes you feel bad? Have you ever said I’m such an idiot for doing that? What do you say to yourself that makes you feel good? Have you ever said to yourself, gees that was great?

Listen to what you’re saying in your head now. Are you arguing with this post saying this is shit or are you agreeing with it? Have you noticed what you are thinking?

We all talk to our selves all the time, but the vast majority of people don’t notice the actual chatter that is going on. We have an internal dialogue that is going off all the time and it’s just words but those internal words control our outcomes on a day to day basis.

How do you control this chatter I hear you say? How can I take charge of my thoughts? How can I take charge of how I feel? How can I take charge of my life? And what the hell does this post have to do with fitness?

Have you noticed that I’ve been asking a lot of questions?

Have you noticed that I’ve been controlling your thoughts this whole post? Mu-ha ha ha.

Have you noticed that these questions are making you think and listen to what you are saying to yourself?

Are you putting 2 and 2 together now that what we ask ourselves is what controls our thoughts? And our thoughts control our feelings and our feelings control our day?

So ask yourself again what makes me feel bad. Do I moan a lot? What makes me feel good? Do I congratulate myself or other people when they do well?

Do you see how by asking those two different questions, your focus and your outcomes change? One leads to misery and the other leads to a brighter happier you.

So how does this apply to fitness? What questions do you ask yourself around being fit? Is it hard work out, or is it fun, or does it make you feel bad or is it and exciting challenge?

How do you make yourself feel? Do you say I’m too fat to go, or do you say I’m going to be fit and feel great.

How are you going to take charge of your thoughts and take charge of your life?

If you want to get fit what questions will you ask yourself to make you have a good time getting fit.

My one tip to you is that this takes practice. That practice isn’t easy or hard it’s just practice. The more you do it the easier it gets. So write a note to yourself, put it at the end of your bed or where you will see it in the morning and ask yourself. How good will I make myself feel today? How much fitter am I going to be today than I was yesterday?

How are going to become the champion of your day?

2 Replies to “Winning the game of fitness (and everything else to boot)”

  1. hey Miller how are you keeping? I made it to the read how I feel list and have read it twice and there are no emotions… may be it is too late. Am I healthy fat or ugly? .. I do not know I did not think about these much…or I think about them all the time regulating myself, keeping in some shape between too good and bad etc. I am not happy yet neither unhappy about it. What is wrong with me, should I care? šŸ˜‰ I know I lack fire and as such it is hard to achieve anything like now when I am a sole trader … I will continue reading tomorrow. I think I need sex again to get me some passion… I do not know.

    1. Hay man. Its really about self image, not being fat or thin, but about how you see your self. You are right in saying that you regulate your self every body does. That is the job of the self image.

      You could change the context of the article to how you see your self working or in relationships. Are you an entrepreneur or are you just a sole trader. Are you an artist or just an artist? are you an artist that makes money or are you an broke artist that will be discovered after he is dead. Or could you be a entrepreneurial artist who is in charge of his life. all these questions get different responses, different images.

      so what questions do you ask your self. do you ask questions that make you sad? like why “cant” i be rich, or do you ask your self questions “how” can i get rich. each question is very similar but each question gets very different results.

      hope this clears things up man.

      Best of luck

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