Is someone a success before or after they succeed.

I was just watching the film The Opus and something struck me as they were talking about success and failure.

They said in the film, that someone who is successful, is someone who meets failure, adapts and keeps on going. Whereas someone who is a failure, is someone who meets an obstacle and gives up. So really success is a decision to go on no matter what, to persevere. We have all heard this before. So really successful people are successful before they even start they have made a decision to keep going until they get what they want to achieve.

What I like about this, is that success isn’t what you do it’s what you decide before hand. You decide to be successful.

We can all make this decision and it’s pretty simple. You set a goal and then look forward to potential obstacles and decide then and there that you are going to overcome that obstacle. On top of that when you pass the first one you will then have all the belief in the world that anything that has been put in your way can be overcome.

I feel this is a very powerful exercise as the vast majority of us lack self belief that we can achieve our wildest dreams. However if you break the goal down and identify one obstacle and overcome it, your belief grows. So every obstacle from then on will build your belief more and more. Until you become unstoppable.

So what obstacles are you going to overcome today?

Best of luck.