Be, Do, Have. Figuring out our values.

This is one of the most important things I have ever learnt. I feel it’s one of the most important things anyone can learn.

It’s nice and simple, Be, Do, Have.

I’ve definitely been guilty of looking at this the wrong way round, Have, Do, Be.

The way I used to look at things was if I have more money, I can have a lifestyle, then I can do all the cool things, then maybe change a career, then I’ll be a business man and be happy. This unfortunately for me was the wrong way and spent a long time thinking this way.

Does this sound a bit familiar?

The real way it works, is you have to be happy now at what you do, because then you want to do what you are doing, so you do your best at it and excel. When you excel at what you do with a good attitude, people notice and pay you more and then you have better things.

This is the really tough bit most of us. We don’t like what we do, or our selves enough to actually want to put more effort into us or the job.

We have to change our self image.

We have to take a good look at ourselves and our situation and say I am not happy with where I am. I deserve better. This is loving ourselves in action. When you say I love myself enough to say I want to be better, so I can do better job, business, career and have the good things in life then you are progressing and taking responsibility for yourself and your situation.

Only then you can start moving towards the person you want to be. The person with the skills, attitude and energy, that is living life to the fullest.

I am assuming you are like me and have decided to gain the skills to be a better person, because this is where the fun starts. This is where we grow. This is where we can start to define who we want to be. We can start feeling good about our situation and who we are, because we are taking charge of our future.

Think of someone who you respect or admire. What aspects of them do you admire? Imagine Oprah. A friend of mine likes her because of how she empowers women and how caring she is, she likes the good that Oprah does. I on the other hand like Oprah because she is a strong business person and has great vision. We will look at people differently and see what we like and dislike. By looking at people we respect and admire, we can see the attributes that we want to develop. They give us a window into our own mind and we get a chance to look at our own values.

We can also look at people we don’t like and see attributes in them that we don’t want to build on or stay away from.

The most important thing in this exercise is identifying your values. By working on our values we work on ourselves and we automatically become happier and our self image will grow.

I think you may know what’s coming at this stage. When you work on your values every day you will become happier you will enjoy what you are doing more and ultimately you will have everything you need.

Happy hunting.

2 Replies to “Be, Do, Have. Figuring out our values.”

  1. -reminds me of exercises from P. Coelho’s book the Pilgrimage (it is a very realistic probably authobiographic story; I can lend it out)… it is about the ‘be’ part, about discovering the roots (self undomesticating), and about some spiritual or spirit experiences, rather not about happiness is quite complex. I recently discovered the rule of thumb of the be part and then I lost it. I only remember what it was. It was to live with the passion. When I came from Maspalomas I was still high of all the sun and snorcheling etc +I had some weed and wanted to smoke it with a friend. I did. I wanted her, she did not. I tried hard (not till rape) was like a dance and I could feel how the passion works (like a dance) and that if you have it, nothing (like do or have) that can be done by doing is a problem any more.
    I think the process may be like this: The ‘trying hard’ is first step (or second first is to sip or dip in the well or meditate) Then when you feel you try hard, release and dance. It is the selfrecharging well of energy.

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