Passion eh what?

I had always heard Steve Jobs and Richard Branson say these words “just follow your passion”. I just couldn’t relate, I hadn’t got a clue what my passion was, I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with my life. I would love to change the world but how? If i don’t understand my passion or my purpose?

I was thinking last week that skateboarders and surfers have there passion, that race car drivers have there passion. They are not so different to me. They are just people. Then I figured it out, there word for passion is fun. They just do what is fun, Steve Jobs just loved what he was doing Richard Branson just loves what he is doing. These guys are having fun every day. They have fun with what they are doing. There passion is just having fun each day.

I figured out how to find my passion and hopefully as a result what my purpose is. If I just focus on what I enjoy as long as it’s good for my health wealth the people around me and of course the environment, I will be leading a passionate purposeful life.

The lesson for me is to identify what is most fun in my life and work towards that, then I can identify what is most fun out of that and work towards that and so on and so on. I don’t need to know what my passion is to change the world, I don’t need to know my purpose, I just have to follow what is most fun to me and do it to the best of my abilities. This in turn will lead me down a road that when I look back I will be able to see what my passion and purpose is.

As all the greats say. I didn’t know I was going to end up here, I couldn’t have dreamt up the life I have led, I just followed my passion and look what happened.

So my question to you is how are you going to have fun today.

I am going to start enjoying all our project work and seeing how much fun I can have each day and who knows where it will lead. I sure don’t know where that will lead and I think that is going to be half of the fun.

This post is one of my first steps on a road to a destination that I have no idea where it will lead. So please excuse the bad grammar and not so fluid writing style but this is one of my first steps on a road to a lot more fun.